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    Golf ball

    I'm having a difficult time finding the perfect golf ball for my preferences and was wondering if any of you can share some insight. The ball ive used for the last couple years is the Nike RZN tour black. While i love this ball, especially with driver, i do feel like it feels too "hard" off the face and too low spinning with my wedges. Ive since started using the Srixon Zstar XV which i LOVE with irons/wedges but feels a little too soft off my drivers face with about 7-10yds lost in distance compared to the Nike.. Anyone have a high swingspeed ball with low spin that isnt as expensive as the prov1x or tpx5? Thanks!
  2. haha yes the color scheme is awesome - just going through a big putting cold streak and need to switch it up!
  3. Throwing a baseball is actually more mechanical than you think, especially for pitchers...what you may see as a natural perfect throw, many baseball players would see as an eye sore with room for major improvement
  4. The only reason id care about any particular metric is to help realize which area im struggling most at compared to other aspects I guess if i had to put this in a formal question, id ask all 10-12 handicappers how many approach shots per round they truly have a clear shot at the green and to see if its more comparable to theirs, or to 20cappers
  5. So as of today I'm a 15.8 handicap...the only above-average part of my golf game is distance off the tee (not so much accuracy). I was thinking the other day about how few fairways in regulation i hit. For example, out of my last two rounds i hit 4/14 and 3/13 fairways. BUT i started looking at a different stat - full swing approach shot opportunities available after my tee shot (where i can still get on in regulation). When viewed from this stat I was 8/14 and 7/13. In other words, second shot full swings from the rough where i am not punching out from under trees, just fighting to get the ball back on the fairway, or losing strokes from penalty shots (i tend to play courses with a lot of trees). I've narrowed down my misses this year so that i am usually off the fairway, but still usually 5-10 yds left or right of it. Is this a stat that i can judge my tee shots from? In other words, is my driving accuracy as terrible as it may seem from a FIR standpoint? This could already be a stat that i am not aware of, i apologize for my ignorance in advance! Thanks
  6. Decided to switch to a mallet style putter...for now... With that being said, I am selling my Lajosi KLP4 34" putter. This putter is a beauty - stats are as follows: -Gloss black shaft -Flatso 1.0 matching putter grip with a 50g counterbalance weight -Headweight 350g -Black color scheme with light blue sight dot, lajosi lizard, and lajosi inscription on the back of the blade (all pictured) -Blue lajosi magnetic headcover, pictured as well There is a tiny nick which I pictured on the heel of the club which I only noticed when it was time for pics! Asking $375 $315 shipped in US OBRO, all other countries must pay more No trades at this time, thank you for looking!
  7. hahah my playing partner even offered a gimme. For eagle, i couldnt take it
  8. So as a short preface, i'm in my fourth season of playing golf, im about a 15 handicap at this point (no lessons, play once a week). 1 year into playing, I got lucky and chipped in for my first and only eagle just off the fringe of a downhill par 5. Today im playing a dogleg left 500yd par 5. Hit driver 285 and stuck my 20° hybrid to 3 FEET. It was a straight away putt, a little bit downhill but THREE FEET. I just tap the ball and looks to be good but - toilet bowls and lips out so i settle for birdie. Ruined my round, i couldnt believe that it happened!!!! Had to air it out, was soo pissed
  9. For sale today I have the following items - Ping G series SF Tec Driver (10*), 3 wood (16*) and 5 wood (19*). All have adjustable lofts! New grips - Standard size. High quality Karma grips. Feel like Lamkin tour velvet. 3 Wood has Ping pro series shaft. Driver & 5 wood have Ping Alta shaft. All standard length, all regular flex. Headcovers are included for each. I will ship out of US as long as the buyer pays extra for freight! Asking: Driver - $175 3 Wood - $115 5 Wood - $115 All 3 package deal - $350 Thank you for looking! Any questions, please PM Driver pics: 5-Wood Pics 3-Wood Pics
  10. Selling my Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Del Mar 3 putter. Everything on this club is original - shaft, shaft band, grip etc except for the headcover. I will include a Scottsdale hot stix headcover with purchase (as pictured). Putter is 35 inches long - will ship in US and out of country (must pay extra for shipping if not in US, a little extra for west coast as well). There are few and far between of these on the web for lefties. It's in great condition for a near 20 yr old club and will make for a great gamer and/or would take little work to make a mint refinished product! Asking $250 shipped, thank you for looking! No trades please!!
  11. They come in different flex ratings (R, Sr, S, X). http://nipponshaft.c...steel_950gh.php Thanks for the reply, but my question is directed to the seller about this particular set. I see where I could have worded it better. Ahhh I left out this info, sorry..they are the 120 Xstiff shafts
  12. xr16 pro sold- thank you garrett. Srixons remain, make me an offer before i put them up on the bay tomorrow! thank you.
  13. A few things for sale today! All prices include shipping with exception to everyone North of the border who will need to pay more (I know, sorry). No trades at this time please and thank you! First off is my Callaway XR Pro 16' 14* 3 wood. This one is in mint condition - used it only a handful of rounds. Everything on here is stock except for the grip which I switched to an oversized lampkin. Shaft is a fujikura speeder evolution II 565 stiff flex. Stock headcover is included here. Asking $95 SOLD Next up are my Callaway Apex Pro 16' Irons 4-PW. These are tough to let go, but I just don't have the time to practice my ball striking as much as I used to be able to! These were my gamers for the last 1.5 seasons, absolute butter knives. Standard L/L/L with Project x 6.0 Rifle Shafts. Golf pride multi compound grips wrapped twice. Asking $475 SOLD Lastly are my mint condition Srixon 565Z 4-PW iron set. Standard L/L/L - golfpride grips should probably be redone. Shafts are Nippon NS Pro 980 GH. Asking $575
  14. listening to offers before hitting the bay!
  15. For sale today are my Titleist 718 MB 4-9 iron set with Nippon NS Pro Modus Tour 120g X flex shafts!! Clubs are in excellent condition, with only notable wear in the paint chipping of the iron numbers. Standard L/L/L - stock Titleist grips with a ton of life left. No trades at this time!! Asking $885 $839 Shipped OBRO
  16. I've never completed the set so this is all I have! But i agree, flush strikes on these feel unreal.
  17. For sale is a barely used set of Nike VR Pro blades 6-PW. I term these as "barely used" for they have never been used to play a round of golf. I have only used these at the local driving range a handful of times to practice ball striking. My original intentions were to complete a custom set with these, but I don't think I can get enough distance out of them. Everything here is original, with S300 shafts, grips are all like new (standard size). They still have that nice shiny chrome finish on them. Standard L/L/L Because I am not eager to sell these and considering they are in such great condition - I am going to price these at $349 shipped, Canada will need to add more for shipping costs. Any questions please PM me, thanks for checking!
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