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  1. Selling a lightly used TourStriker Planemate in original box. $150 shipped
  2. I posted a swing video of mine a couple weeks ago here on wrx, and the pro I am working with also sent me his analysis of it. One main issue he identified was my right elbow was disconnecting at the top of the swing. He told me to take swings while holding a small ball in between my forearms - similar to the tourstriker smart ball drills. He said that my right elbow being so far behind my body is why I have to flip the club through impact and that by fixing this elbow we will be fixing my flipping. I am working with the drill, but it is very difficult for me to physically do. I still can
  3. I see what you are saying. So instead of the left femur working towards my right knee it should work forward towards the golf ball? Then opposite for the right femur. Really appreciate your help.
  4. Thank you for your reply. I just googled float loading. I had never heard of it. Very interesting. I had never thought about my wrist hinge at all. I wonder why my coach has never mentioned it before. Could you explain the left hip and knee movement more? I really appreciate your help. Do you think my swing is salvageable? Sometimes I feel like I do not make much progress on it. I was doing your bump dump and turn drill for a while and it did help.
  5. I do struggle with open face. Any tips on how to accomplish this?
  6. No consistent miss. very inconsistent shots. One shot could be a nice small baby draw and then next shot is a push or a pull or thinned etc. I wanna have a more consistent shot and hit more greens. My coach currently has me working on extending my arms through the shot, as he says I pull them in at impact sometimes and that causes my cramped finish.
  7. Here is a DTL and Front on view of my 7 iron swing. I have been working with a pga pro for a few months now. Only obvious thing I can see is that I am flipping through impact. I would appreciate ideas on how to fix that. Any advice on my swing is appreciated. Thank you. DTL- https://d3hzvvrj3atw60.cloudfront.net/video/19434a101fc60139ab5c46ff6d1d65bb/default.mp4 Front On - https://d3hzvvrj3atw60.cloudfront.net/video/f9c6be101fc50139ab2846ff6d1d65bb/default.mp4
  8. I got into it late, but I think it is very beneficial.
  9. Just watched the advanced protocols. They don't seem to say to do that move explicitly. Instead, they say "Put pressure onto the left heel to start the swing and the club naturally shallows." They then said they wanted us to do that 30 times where we press into the left heel from the top of the swing to shallow. So is the motorcycle move and ulnar deviation something that happens naturally or should I intentionally do that? Martin Chuck did say "Some players do like to add a little bit of hand movement into the shallowing."
  10. I have been using the Tourstriker planemate, and I am enjoying it. However, I don't quite know if I am doing the "relax" part of the resist relax rotate movement properly. All they said in the protocol was to "relax the wrists." I understand the point is to get the club on a shallow plane and then turn through impact. What I am currently doing is after resisting the band to the top I do the "motorcycle move" which bows my left wrist and puts the club on a shallower plane. Is that correct? Can anyone explain the "relax" component in greater detail?
  11. Haack Golf Net with very rare and hard to find side netting included. photo does not show the side netting, but buyer will receive side netting. MAT not includedSOLD
  12. > @BettorThanMost said: > A few questions: Are these the side nets that are sold separately from the 10x7 net? How long have you owned the net and mat? How many months/years has it been outside, etc? Close-up photo of the mat would be helpful too. Thanks The side nets in the picture are sold separately from the net itself. I had to purchase them from Rukket for the net. I have owned the net and mat for about a year. I haven't used it very much, as I live near the range. I will post photos of the mat later today.
  13. > @4ever34 said: > I would also like to see the mat. I assume this is the 10x7 net? Post has been updated.
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