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  1. Whistling Straights from the tips, not much fun to play if you're not striking the ball well
  2. Ive been hearing/reading/seeing a lot of good stuff about this GBB Epic, looks like a front runner for sure. Still no way last years M1 is coming out of the bag. But for sake of argument... 1. GBB Epic/GBB Epic Sub Zer 2. Mizuno JPX-900 (Lots of tech but great feel/super forgiving) Also a dark horse 3. Cobra F7+
  3. r510 TP hands down. Had the most solid feel and that solid sound was unbeatable. gotta be swinging well or its not goin anywhere near the fairway.
  4. I like the sightlines and set up on this one.. these CURE putters will be getting alot more attention I think
  5. Hopefully this helps jordan shake off that chunky masters experience.. he needs a little confidence boost from somewhere after missing that last cut
  6. Im just hoping they get the sound back to the iconic titleist solid crack instead of the awful ting of the 915 line
  7. Ya how do they justify these being so much more than other offerings in the same category of forged irons...
  8. I just dont see it, JD has had too much success with TMAG... but then again he could probably pick up any set and still win with the way hes playing right now
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