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  1. I can’t believe you checked a warranty claim on an 8 year old club. Also can’t believe your are making it know you other that you did so. Do you complain when your tires wear out too? Things wear over time and then you replace them. Facts of life
  2. Bend it and hit it. Should get some good info off of that haha
  3. Buys 2 brand new sets to to demo and decide which one you want. You are some kind of genus wizard my friend. Might be the king of Golfwrx land. Great listing.
  4. I went and tried these out last weekend to compare the Forged and the HMP for a top of the bag iron or whatever you want to call it. I went with the forged bent a degree strong to 20* to cover the gap between my 24* 4 iron and 15* 3 wood. I have a MMC 3 Fli Hi but just don’t get along well with wide soles on irons. The HMP would be a good driving type iron but I off the ground just wouldn’t work for me. I think it’s kind of a flihi type iron. Feels and looks clunky. Forged felt like a Mizuno is supposed to feel HMP a lot firmer as expected.
  5. I have a 15* tour issue with a UST VTS Black. The Callaway Rogue SZ 15* with Aldila Rogue Silver kicked it out of the bag. Its cut down to 42” and it’s a rocket launcher.
  6. I have a feeling you have solved your problem. If not Mizuno 921 forged has a 50* GW at 35.25” and 7* bounce. That should get you that 125-130 full shot you are looking for. They have the forgiveness built in too.
  7. Get a 3 Wood with a heavier shaft cut it down to 42” add lead tape to balance it out and that will be your fairway finder. If you can’t hit a 3 wood I don’t see how a driving iron is even an option. Or get a 5 wood and do the same thing I said about the 3 wood and cut it to 41”. The low screamers are fun and all but you need tour level club head speed and the kind of ball striking that an 18 hcp just doesn’t poses. I could be wrong but if you can bomb a driver and smoke a driving iron then your short game would have to be atrocious to be an 18 hcp. You will probably do more harm the
  8. Get the Tours 6-PW and forged 5,6 iron. Who cares what numbers on the club the lofts will be the same as Tours 4-PW. Or go one degree strong in the forged to keep it 4 degrees sort but I think the forged will go a little further than the tours so you might have to test them to get the right gapping. All Mizuno did was change the number on the SElL set from 5,6 to 4,5 on lefty forged. Not a lot of guess work here.
  9. The shaft could be the difference here. If you were fit to the KBS maybe you spin the S 300’s too much. Gotta compare them same shafts when comparing club heads. I’m not a shaft expert but I know I spin the heck out of S 300’s and that Mizuno Optimizer pegged me for Px 6.5 or KBS 130x.
  10. This thing is hot as Hades. The Atmos TS Black 70S is a noodle but if you time that buggy whip just right it will hit it a mile. I’ve ordered an aftermarket tip to put an old school V2 X stiff in it. If it all works out I have a rocket launching mini driver on my hands. Also will have an Atmos 3 wood shaft for sale on the cheap haha
  11. Grab it for $50 if it works great if not you can prob trade it in for $40-$50 somewhere.
  12. Just found a 16.5 HL T made 2017 M2 on the bay for $50. Stiff stock shaft that would be a good place the start.
  13. I think it crazy not to have more forgiving long irons than your mid and short irons. If you can hit a blade 3-4-5 iron consistently you are a rare breed.
  14. This was the first low spin driver I tried. I had the 910D3. I think I hit some range balls and then played on the course with it one round. It was the JDM Black bottom version from Dicks sporting goods. It was on EBay by the end of the day. Went back to the 910D3 and that was the end of my low spin experiment.
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