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  1. Get a 10.5 degree driver or even a 12 degree. I would look for the 2016 Taylormade M2. You can get one in decent shape for $150 and it’s just as good as any of the new stuff. What you need to do is buy some lead tape and cut the driver down to 44.5” and load up the head with the lead tape to balance it out. Or your can buy a Tmade weight and swap it out if you’re up for that kind of project.
  2. I have a feeling you’re probably right. No skid marks means he didn’t even try to hit the breaks. First reaction anyone would have right or wrong is put the brake pedal through the floor of that car. He could have had a catastrophic failure of the cars computer. I had that happen once and it’s scary as hell. Car just shuts off like it’s out of gas. Brake pressure goes out after a few pumps on he pedal. The onboard computer will let them know what he was doing before and during the crash.
  3. Shattered leg and ankles? People are commenting he will make a big come back in regards to golf etc... screw golf if the man walks again he will have accomplished more than most. He could have easily lost a limb. He still might. His legs were busted open. Just horrific type of injury. This is unreal.
  4. My bad I thought you were talking about buy lint a three wood already built. If you are putting one together then follow tipping instructions of the shaft you choose then butt trim to the length you want.
  5. Get an X Stiff with a 80 gram shaft and butt cut it to 42” add some weight to the had and yr good. Tip cutting will make it play a flex stronger.
  6. Way too late of a release. Most people have their shiny new Callaway, Tmade, Ping or Titleist driver. Huge marketing fail IMO. It won’t sell just like their other drivers and will be half off by the end of the year. I was pumped about them but waiting months while all other brands are releasing theirs is a head scratcher for me.
  7. MP 4’s bent a degree week playing off a 47* PW gives me the yardages I know each club should be going.
  8. I went with a JPX 921 Forged 4 iron this year and had it bent a degree strong to 20* so it’s more of a 3 iron. 4 iron is 23* down to 47* PW. I hit it about 15-20 yards further than my 4 iron. I don’t get along with the clunky hollow driving hybrid iron that can hit flyers once in a while and I hook hybrids like crazy. I can hit low stingers with the 921 Forged and it’s more of a top bag gap iron between my 4 iron and 3 wood. It has a nice forged feel too. It’s good on short par 4’s and for long par 3’s.
  9. To be honest I don’t know how much a fitting will help. Your swing will change dramatically as you improve so what might fit you now won’t fit you in a year or so if you keep practicing and taking lesson. I would suggest finding a good forged cavity back club that allows for loft and lie angle adjustments. Get them in regular steel shafts. Your prob fit into standard length so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Get the lie angles checked out which is rad with a sharpie and a range ball. Hit a few different used irons with different shaft weights and see what is comfortable for
  10. When millions of dollars are on the line I want to see what guys choose to play without being paid to do so . That tells you what the good clubs are.
  11. Tiger should get a group together and buy it. He can’t play forever with that back of his. Call it Tiger Made instead of Taylormade. Iron sets come with an extra 9 iron just in case. Get your Tiger balls locked and loaded. They can re-release the 2016 M2 driver and call it the 5th anniversary Tiger special for $500 it comes with a box of naked lady tees and it would fly off the shelf.
  12. MP4 6-PW JPX 900 tour 4-5 iron. JPX 921 Forged 4 iron bent to 20 degrees so it’s really a 3 iron. Covers 10-15 yard gaps from 210-130 yards. I have the MP4 5 iron but I like the cavity back of the JPX 900 tour in the long irons. I know they are considered blade like but they have a lot more forgiveness than the muscle back MP4 at least that is how it seems and feels with my game.
  13. Buy the Mizunos and enjoy. The rest will be questionable. You know your specs and you want the SEL set so confirm that order.
  14. Tmade M2 for $150 can’t go wrong there. Find the shaft that works for your swing first.
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