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  1. PXG 0317x 3hybrid 17deg with a Project X Evenflow Blue 6.0 85g (GEN 1) -LAMKIN UTX CORD MIDSIZE GRIP $195 SHIPPED IMG_1140.HEIC IMG_1139.HEIC IMG_1138.HEIC IMG_1137.HEIC IMG_1141.HEIC PXG 2.pdf PXG TOP.pdf
  2. Bought used, changed grips once and games a few times but not for me. Solid set here shipping from FL. Used 6-10 Condition 4-PW Taylormade P770 4-PW KBS TOUR FLT 120 S shafts with golf pride midsized NDMC. Really a solid iron here, build to about D2 about ½” short. Asking $369.99 SHIPPED. CA add $7.50
  3. Update to this topic! Man am I glad that I wasn't trying to re shaft these Ping i500 two years ago when there was no solution for the crazy hosel size debacle. Pulled and cleaned all the i500 heads, def going to need to make sure every little bit of epoxy at the bottom is cleared out on these, attempting to reheat with CTaper 130x for a player taking them out of his Mizuno JPX900 and into the i500 irons. -Luckily I had two of the PXG iron adapter ferules and the end cap it comes with however the ferrule does not fit the collar is too big to fit into the hosel. Had a bag of .355 collared iron ferrules that fit nice and snug but will definitely be using the end caps from the PXG to make sure the bottom fits snug as well. So far dry fitting with these the swing weight without doing anything was right on at D2 (likely from the heavy shaft and playing ⅜" longer due to the shorter hosel depth. -Has anyone else had issues with the .355 PXG ferule fitting into any of these ping heads? on the calipers the PXG collar OD is .43" and the normal .355 collar OD is .40" and fit perfect into the i500 hosel. Guessing the PXG hosel is even larger than the .40" hosel ID I'm getting on these i500s. I will reiterate the end cap seems like a must from my dry fitting, without it you can feel it wiggle at the bottom may not be an issue after epoxy with the collar at the top but I wouldn't risk it. Anyone know if you can buy that little end cap separately?
  4. Just a random head cover from the internet have the matching Driver if you want.
  5. Custom Refinished Putters PM or text with any question or for more pics. -M4 Tour Issue 5HL, 21* Aldila Tour Blue 75x BNIP. $200 Shipped -M4 3HL Hzrdus Red 65g 6.5 flex. NDMC black and white new midsize. $180 Shipped -M3 3HL 17* Head only $110 shipped or Combo $200 shipped 65g, $230 shipped 75g hand crafted. Shafts: -Evenflow Blue 65g 6.0 flex, -Evenflow Blue Hand Crafted 75g 6.5 flex -Scotty Cameron GOLO 5 34” Scotty Grip. 7/10 cond. $235 Shipped $215 Shipped -Custom Refinished Putters! -Taylormade TPA V Gloss Black 35” $249 Shipped $220 Shipped -Taylormade TPA XXV 35” $249 Shipped $220 Shipped -Scotty Cameron Laguna 34.4” $330 Shipped $315 Shipped -Scotty Cameron Long Neck “Tiger Cherry Bomb” 35” $349 Shipped $325.00 Shipped DM or text 781-771-4150 for more pics, posting pictures to post now
  6. Not sure if they still offer them after the renovations they've updated but the best one I ever got was when I first moved to FL and in 2016 or 2017 got Jonathan's Landing summer 6 months, $1400 (w/ veteran 20% off) all three courses both Village community east and Old trails two courses out by Dye Preserve unlimited range and no fees, the good ol days......
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