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  1. For Sale: Willing to trade for a 3 wood, if you need better pictures send a PM. A couple of the hybrid are still being used, will clean before shipped if sold. Paypal or Venmo, will ship USPS priority 2 Day. Cash is king, thanks! 1. M1 19* hybrid speedster 869 tour spec stiff flex, used with minor paint chips on the top line. Comes with matching head cover- $145 OBO 2. Ping G30 19* hybrid stiff flex, sole is great face has a little wear. Comes with matching head cover- $110 OBO 3. Callaway X hot pro tour issue 18* hybrid project X 7.0 shaft, heavy wear on the sole but still swings great.
  2. Read putting out of your mind by Dr. Bob Rotella
  3. Lululemon... would say nike but if you look at my closet, it says lulu
  4. Have the same one with 2 balls in my garage. Do i put it on on the Bay?
  5. My roommate had one and was very excited to take it out. Got to the course tried it on the front 9 and found out it wasnt working. Had to send it back, part of the reason i like people to test it out before i buy anything.
  6. Coffee table with a glass panel over all the markers. You can glue or place them in some type of glue or leave them so they are useable.
  7. As stated above, i cant stand having a coach because they always try and correct form/stance over how im hitting the ball. My stance and form are comfortable for me so i stick to books and videos. I remember hearing a commentator mentions that no two golf swings are the same, with that you need to find a coach that understands your swing and can give hints/ suggestions to better your game rather then changing your swing making you feel uncomfortable. I also feel that there is alot to learn when on a course with a coach compared to on the driving range or short game area.
  8. didnt even think about selling my RBZ on Ebay... i guess it might be worth a try
  9. Been deciding between a 3 wood and 5 wood but the loft difference is more my issue over feel. My hybrid and driver leave a big gap and most 5 woods are around or the same loft as my lowest hybrid
  10. Titleist, or Taylormade. Bag is already filled with both those clubs and would love to see how their tour clubs play
  11. Also how deep they swing into the ground
  12. Why switch? care you trying to close the gap?
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