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  1. Looking for a ladies full set - doesn’t have to be anything fancy, top flite, Wilson, etc..friends gf is looking into golf. She’s 5’2
  2. Still in the plastic Zx7 9.5* driver head only. Professionally pulled. Adapter is included $350 CONUS to your door. 325 OBO - let’s get this sold went with ping while waiting for it to arrive
  3. Did some inventory, decided on things to stay and things to go.... well...here they go. time to fund the Bandon Trip Not looking for trades, but I suppose i could be tempted... all prices include standard shipping - can discuss if you want signature/other shipping requests. First up is a Newport 2 TEI 3. Refinished by BOS golf. Has an aftermarket black shaft and a superstroke midslim 1.0. Has not be gamed outside since receiving back from BOS - only rolled on indoor putting green. I do have the original shaft that i can send along if you would like. $Sold
  4. It’s a beaut and roles amazingly. i haven’t changed my putter in 5 years though
  5. Only the stuff that really isn’t getting used is going. we just will quietly ignore the rest of the putters/drivers/backup sets - backup bags and endless other stuff I really don’t need lol
  6. First up is a mint 35” taylormade spider tour black has a pistol 2.0 on it that is brand new. Rolled this in my basement and sticking with the red. Hard to find one in better shape. $200 next up is a beaut - Bradley widowmaker. Comes with COA, UV coating, and leather headcover. Too pretty and too soft to be sitting on the shelf. $425 - over a grand to get one built
  7. > @third-times-a-charm said: > > @hgtiger24 said: > > honestly, golf is too expensive for my generation. > > i don't want to get too soap opera, but our generation is expected to work low paying jobs, but have an outstanding education and qualifications. > > > > it's nearly impossible for me to get my friends to start golfing because the cost is just too much and they have money they'd like to spend on things like student loans > > Actually it's not, but it may be geographically dependent for you and your friends. > > I have friends from
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