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  1. Tracking received from tgw, should have it Monday. Thanks op!
  2. Heading on a drive from nyc to Pinehurst. Are there any good spots to check out off 95 in Virginia (or anywhere else along the way)
  3. Why is this material? There is no significant wear and you can’t even tell the difference from op’s photos and the member posting his set from the factory. Is there any concern on how much these would improve your game vs a set right off production? When you buy off this forum vs new, you accept some margin of error that is higher than what you get from a retailer. If you have material concerns over conditioning (e.g. sky marks on a driver), you can request additional pictures. Nit picking condition and expecting return shipping when legitimate businesses would not offer it will only deter future sellers offering perfectly good items. If you want to buy customer service to the level OP desires, buy from tgw or CPO. I’ve had great experiences in my limited transactions on the BST, but I’m always aware that there is risk associated with conditioning, and will not buy an item until I have received photo evidence to confirm condition to the standard that I require - this limits surprises and misunderstandings.
  4. if you bought a club from your pro shop that never left the shop, but had some light shop wear from people taking it off the shelf, would you not consider that item a new club? The seller clearly changed the wording to avoid another issue like this one. OP - do you think the sticks you were had any influence on performance? Are you planning to buy another set that is in pristine condition (don’t know if Sotheby’s offers ratings for golf training aids).
  5. Anyone have a link with info on the kiawah deal?
  6. Got epic flash in pristine condition for half of what other retailers are charging- great shop.
  7. Got my 56 and 60 today- awesome deal and happy with Walmart! Thanks for the deal op
  8. They sold out - higher price is a marketplace seller.
  9. Thanks! Just bought 2... awesome quality and the best value on the market (much better quality than products I’ve received from cayce)
  10. Maple hill has tour bxs balls for $22 a dozen after discount code. You need to select 2 dozen option. https://maplehillgolf.com/bridgestone-tour-b-xs-golf-balls/
  11. I will say that I had a positive experience with el Shanker about a year ago. Not clearing him of any aforementioned issues, just saying that he is not a pure scammer
  12. Got hoofer 20% stacked with free shipping. Had my eye on it and this got me to pull the trigger.
  13. Unreal deal. I bought a used one for $200 a few months back
  14. Hello, I am selling an Odyssey White Damascus iX #9 putter to make room for other spring club purchases. 1. Odyssey White Damascus iX #9, 35" and includes original head cover. Gamed for 1 season. Originally Asking $160 shipped. Now asking $125 shipped. Open to trades
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