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  1. I couldn't find the serial numbers, and there are 0 of these being sold on ebay in america. It has the honma label on the hosel shown in the last pic:
  2. Anyone have any experience with the 6 lesson plan thing?
  3. Anyone know if the Pga superstore has good lessons? Anyone else?
  4. Thread is about unpopular things. Not the most popular opinions
  5. People who play game improvement clubs should have 5 strokes added on to their score
  6. Umm, this isn't an opinion or unpopular. The point of business is to make money.
  7. Handing out negs soon to people who say things like: New equipment won't make you better Golf is boring to watch. These aren't unpopular.
  8. Is this M5 made by the same company and just switched the name on it? It is the same exact club https://www.ebay.com/itm/SET-OF-2-NEW-M5-59-65-Degree-Sand-Wedge-Golf-Club-RH-Right-Hand/143433829737?hash=item2165528d69:g:HwwAAOSw3XZcrSrJ
  9. What would be the point of a 500cc driver? It would be like swinging a tennis racket
  10. I just wanted to strengthen my point on game improvement irons. Sorry, but you aren't playing golf. You are playing tennis with a racquet. I didn't have my blades when I was in Florida this month, so I used my dad's 1994 big bertha irons. 180 yard 7 irons of the toe that curve back to the center is not golf.
  11. Best-Globalgolf, 3balls Worst-Rockbottom golf- There prices certaintly aren't "rockbottom". Also, "their price" next to the item is stupid. Stop lying. No one is selling that club at that price.
  12. This just ended today. Titleist has a email to contact them about selling fake stuff. Is it snitching to contact them? Is there a code somewhere? https://www.ebay.com/itm/AP3-718-Black-Iron-Set-PW-3-KBS-Tour-90-Shaft-Stiff-/392345264124?hash=item5b59999ffc%3Ag%3AaNUAAOSw3QldE6Kq&nma=true&si=RXbIvPdnm%252Fe7ov%252B5akDTM%252F0PsY0%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
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