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  1. December 17 demo day in AZ
  2. I use the Ventus, so thats the only one I saw. The colors are blended really well. It looks more "square" behind the ball to me.
  3. Outperformed in ball speed by 4 mph average, height (15 feet more), carry (because of height), and better spin numbers for optimal launch. All improved by simply using the wrench to swap heads.
  4. So, this driver looks and feels fabulous. Outperformed my Sim 9.0 with Ventus 6X Blue.
  5. Another vote for this...its awesome.
  6. Got my order today...FAst shipping...great stuff.
  7. We played in a Phoenix event this past Sunday. Super smooth....flagstick in, preprint the scorecards, no exchanging on the first tee, no awards ceremony after...
  8. I have the same shafts and heads but put in the opposite FW heads. Try the Ventus Blue In the SIM.....long!
  9. I thought so at first, but you will rapidly get used to it. Absolute bomb off the deck. I have had every M 3 wood in the series.
  10. I have Blue 6X driver Blue 7X 3W Blue 8X 5W done deal! all Sim
  11. I loved the real Ventus blue 6X so much in the Sim 9.0, put the velocore 7X in the Sim 3W and 8X in the 5W as well! Both blue.
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