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  1. Another vote for this...its awesome.
  2. Got my order today...FAst shipping...great stuff.
  3. We played in a Phoenix event this past Sunday. Super smooth....flagstick in, preprint the scorecards, no exchanging on the first tee, no awards ceremony after...
  4. I have the same shafts and heads but put in the opposite FW heads. Try the Ventus Blue In the SIM.....long!
  5. I thought so at first, but you will rapidly get used to it. Absolute bomb off the deck. I have had every M 3 wood in the series.
  6. I have Blue 6X driver Blue 7X 3W Blue 8X 5W done deal! all Sim
  7. I loved the real Ventus blue 6X so much in the Sim 9.0, put the velocore 7X in the Sim 3W and 8X in the 5W as well! Both blue.
  8. I never thought my M2 FW would be retried, then I got the 3...then the M5....and now the SIM Love it off the tee and more off the fairway...Ventus 7X with velocore You have to demo outside to truly test...ball flight is rock solid.
  9. Same here with 9.0//Ventus Blue and Black 6X testing almost done.
  10. I just got back from Oahu.....very wet island. You may see more Max for higher launch and more spin to keep the ball in the air longer. It rained a ton last week.
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