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  1. Agree with all the above. I am off 5 and go 3 iron U65 to 5 iron 585 then 6-pw 785. Great irons. As a 10 probably worth going with the extra help in the 4-5 spot. Shane Lowry uses 3-4 in the 585 so no shame getting a little Extra help.
  2. G irons are awesome. I bought the G25 when I got back to golf after a 5 year break. I went from a 14 handicap to a 5 so they definitely won’t hold you back if you go that way.
  3. I hit similar distances to you. I go 6-PW 785 then go to a 585 5 iron which is 24 loft then I go to a U65 3 iron which is 20 loft with a steel shaft. I then use a 3 hybrid. I found the 585 5 and 4 carried similar distances so the 20 3 iron gives me a driving iron option and spreads gaps better.
  4. You think his short game is bad what about the above poster who carries it over 300 yards and is 12 handicap.?
  5. This is next level detail.? I found the same that the 565 5 iron and 4 iron carried the same distance with a few extra yards of roll out with the 4. It makes sense they are 24 and 22 loft. I actually go 20 Apex hybrid then 20 U65 3 iron with a steel shaft to the 565 5 iron then to 785 6 iron. Gives nice flexibility to have 3 iron off tee as I play in windy conditions.
  6. I think the modern lofts actually allow you to play both. I play 6-pw in Srixon 785 and a Srixon 545 5 iron. The Srixon 5 iron is 24 degrees and the 4 iron is 22 which ends up carrying the same distance as the 5 iron but with more roll. I go straight from a 5 iron to a U65 3 iron which is 20 degree which gives a better carry gap. This also allows me to use it off the tee on tight par 4 as I play on a windy site. This then allows me to have a 3 Hybrid which is longer than the 3 utility and easier in the rough or tough lies. I use this more for 2nd shots into par 5’s.
  7. Ha this is very silly. Australia is dry so we don’t overwater courses because we.... don’t have the water it is not a conspiracy.
  8. I tried this and found the H65 2 hybrid at 16 went no further than my Apex 3 Hybrid at 20 but was harder to hit consistently.
  9. I went 6-PW 785 and a 5 in the 585. Since the 5 is 24 I then went straight to a U65 3 iron at 20 that gaps well while also giving me another option off the tee.
  10. Agoodmanbk this is why I love this site. Best irons you have ever owned dropped several shots on handicap then two weeks later different irons in the signature. Great stuff.
  11. I’m in. Driver - G400 9* 3 Hybrid - Callaway Apex 3 Utility Iron - U65 20* Irons- Srixon 545 4-W Wedges- Ping Glide 50 54 Cleveland RTX 3 58 Putter - Ping Sigma G Tyne
  12. I play the 545’s and am off 6 and definitely am not changing any time soon. My friend’s instructor who used to play on the US tour uses the 565s because he doesn’t have time to practice and could do everything he needed to with the irons. So if a previous US tour player uses them they ar3 not too SGI for you. That said of course switching is fun so go for it. As others have said you will probably just miss an extra green occasionally with a mishit.
  13. Go the G400 for sure. I got back into golf a few years ago and bought G25 was off a 15 and played them down to a 6.
  14. I honestly think you should be congratulated for continuing to play the game. Personally I could not tee it up having to deal with the shame of only hitting a PW 150.
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