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  1. Did you play both courses or just Lorette? I heard Kidd was in rough shape.
  2. Looks like a well gamed authentic Circa 62 to me.
  3. Putter looks to be legit. Headcover is from Studio Select line but not sure if it real or fake.
  4. I am no expert on the tour rats but it looks authentic to me.
  5. Maybe it is just the lighting in the room but on the sole picture, it looks as though the face milling is a totally different metal compared with the rest of the putter. Looks to be cast and not milled.
  6. I agree with BYK. Lettering on both the putter and headcover look a little sloppy. It looks as though the stitching of "Titleist" on the cover has connecting threads to the dot on the "i" which does not happen on authentic covers. Much more cleaner stitching.
  7. I believe the gallery releases new putters every Wednesday at ~8am PST online. You have to be quick as they do sell out rather quickly.
  8. Maybe it was just me but the CBS coverage was fairly decent today. Not too many commercials and seemed to be showing more golf and less "fluff". Any coincidence that Nantz was not there?
  9. I am not an expert but it looks like the font is a little bit smaller than on the originals. I don't see the milling mark on the back of the putter that I was told was usually a tell tale sign. Again, I am only giving my opinion on what I see in the photos. I could be wrong though.
  10. I would say fake. Lettering on the sole looks off and no mill mark on the back.
  11. Yup, not sure if I have ever seen a fake lefty Cameron let alone iron set.
  12. Looks authentic to me. Has the mill mark on the back of the head.
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