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  1. Try Lime Away spray. I got the orange stains all over a very nice white t-shirt that completely ruined the shirt. Tried everything and took a chance on lime away and it brought it back from the dead. Not sure if it'll work the same on a polyester type shirt but it's cheap and worth a shot.
  2. Anyone have any experience with them? They look nice and clean and the driver looks to be on the longer side. I have white Players 3 and want some minimalistic headcovers to go with them but it seems everyone loves the bags but never gets the headcovers.
  3. Interesting looking shoe. Looks like a mix between the Ultraboost 20 and NMD R1. I've always thought Adidas would kill it if they made a golf version of the Ultraboost, NMD R1, and Yeezys
  4. I got fitted for driver last January at True Spec but the fitter never brought out any of the Ventus line and I really didnt know to ask for them at the time. I was fitted into Ping G410 LST with an Accra TZ5 65 M5 and I do enjoy the combo but it still eats at me thinking that one of the Ventus would be better. That's purely just speculation based on it's use on tour but I do find it odd that I never got to try it.
  5. So I was able to get it out but didnt even need any pliers. I think since I played with it broken I dislodged it a little and the broken piece was exposed more. I had a screw from another weight and I flipped it and was able to get a little tension to unscrew it out. So I have to say it wasnt an OEM weight and screw. It was from amazon so I guess that's where the cost savings come from and truly buyer beware. I probably had only changed it 2 or 3 times before so definitely not quality equipment.
  6. Help! The end piece for the screw connector for my weight broke off. How am I going to be able to unscrew the weight out? Should I just superglue it back and hope that I'll be able to correctly apply torque to remove the weight?
  7. Greyson pants are probably the best pants out there. Haven't tried Kjus yet but Greyson pants are more readily available and at sharp discount from retailers. Their polos need work though. They, like RLX, have gone to the spread collars and along with the button placket just makes the top portion splay out and look sloppy. You can easily see in the JT pics that he's showing way too much chest. Greyson polos also dont have any taper from the chest to the waist. If you're slim/athletic and have a decent drop then there is too much extra fabric. Material and design is nice but I wish they would clean up those other areas.
  8. Have you tried washing them in the washing machine? My go to procedure is using Jason Markk cleaner and soft bristle brush and then Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. After that I soak the shoes in a solution of oxiclean and warm water in the machine machine for several hours and then I wash on gentle with an added Tide ultra pod. If that doesn't work then I'm out of ideas
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. Pulled the trigger on these from Amazon. Other than some sizing inconsistencies they are perfect and at only $10 it's definitely a good buy.
  10. Looking for woven golf belt recommendations. Nothing fancy or too expensive. Just looking for something that comes in a variety of basic colors (black, navy, grey, etc) to match pants colors.
  11. While yes, he is fully with FJ on the course he definitely has many non-golf Jordans.
  12. I agree with you on the water bottle slots. Those and the fact that the ball pocket is so large are my only gripes. Honestly, majority of bags have large balls pockets which I dont get. I easily could fit two dozen balls + but who would do that? I feel like you could easily reduce the size and then expand space to hold a larger water bottle and have a pocket exclusively for tees instead of having those in the small side pocket.
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