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  1. FYI everyone should check their accounts. I still haven’t gotten a refund and it’s been almost 2.5 weeks.
  2. I haven’t seen a refund on my CC yet either and my charge is still pending. What’s weird is that you can no longer even find the irons on Wilson’s site. I’m guessing they pulled them while they tried to sort out legitimate orders and erroneous orders? I bet some Wilson web admin got a not-so-pleasant phone call interrupting what was supposed to be a relaxing Labor Day weekend
  3. I’m guessing at best maybe they will send out an apology with a 20% off coupon which 99% of us won’t ever use. Oh well, we all knew there was a .01% chance of actually happening but still a bummer nonetheless
  4. Obviously I would never call but it’s irrelevant at this point. They are aware of the issue as they have pulled the page and corrected it. At this point it’s really just up to their good will and whether they want to honor the orders or not. I’m not holding my breath but who knows stranger things have happened. Probably drove more traffic to their golf site then they have seen in a while
  5. Worked for me. I fully anticipate this getting canceled but here’s to hoping .
  6. So I called FedEx today because there are still no updates online. The guy was pretty unsympathetic (I’m sure he deals with a million people a day concerning missing packages) and he said the clubs are officially lost. He has no idea where they could be and they were last gps tagged this past Saturday in Chicago. I’m in NC. He said they have a lot of problems with missing packages in their Chicago hub. He gave me an investigation ID and said if there is no update by Monday to contact the seller and have them submit that ID and a claim will be started. My question is how long do I wait to see if they show up? Do I follow his advice and have them generate a claim and get refunded. Obviously I want my money back but I also want my clubs. I’ve already waited 6 weeks to this point and don’t want to start the process over again with a whole new order and wait at least another 6 weeks. If I start a claim I’m afraid if they show up they will get sent back to the seller because I will have already been refunded. Thoughts or similar frustration you can all share? I know I’m just wining it’s just really frustrating.
  7. All I have to say is based on the pictures if they turn out to be fake they are incredibly well done. I've compared them to other genuine pictures and they look spot on to my untrained eye. You can also look at the shaft bands to see if the shafts look off in any way. Of course you could put a genuine shaft in a fake head but really why would you go to the expense/trouble. I think it's just a glare from the picture but it looks extra shiny on the hosel where I would expect to see a serial number. Is there any way the laser etched serial number could have been removed/sanded off say for example if they were stolen clubs?
  8. I'm currently waiting for a set of irons to show up via Fedex. They have been in the same town in Illinois since Sunday and I'm in NC. Supposed to be delivered two days ago on Tuesday and no history updates since Tuesday morning. Arrgh.
  9. You have to report any lottery or prize winnings on your 2021 taxes. It has nothing to do with selling the club.
  10. It looks like tip trimming instructions for AD DI 6 is 0.5" for fairway woods based on their guide. As far as what Titleist does specifically I don't know. I would think they would follow manufacturer's recommendations. 0.5" off the tip will change the stiffness but I'm definitely no expert so I couldn't tell you how much it changes the flex profile. Someone else more qualified than me could probably weigh in on that one.
  11. Hey just wanted to let everyone who had their info misspelled on the list know that I emailed Links customer service today and they emailed me back my coupon code. They said Callaway sent them the coupon codes for the misspelled entries. If you haven’t heard anything already you may want to go ahead and email them.
  12. I ordered from DD. 0311T 5-PW with MMT 80 in stiff. Figured I didn’t need a 4 iron because the lofts are so much stronger than what I play now. Never tried the MMT before and I’m a little worried that it will be too light. Anyone have any experience they can share with these shafts. Saw a couple other posts about them but honestly not a whole lot of info. I figured they were the more expensive shaft for the same price as the stock TT steel so worse case scenario I could pull them, sell them, and drop in a different shaft without losing money on the deal
  13. Mine was incorrect as well. I called a week ago and corrected it. I also had not heard so I called Callaway yesterday and they said I would have to talk directly to Links Unlimited. I called Links and they said all the corrections had been sent to Callaway but had to be manually entered by one person and then emails sent out one by one. She said it might take a while so to be patient. She told me to give it a week and to call Links back if I had not heard anything by next Friday.
  14. What models of the Epic line work with the "coupon" for those that have already ordered?
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