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  1. Up first is one of the most unique set of Titleist blades that I've ever seen. They seem to have been made around the same time as the 680/670/660 series, but they have a unique reverse curve of the muscle back. The hosels have also been stamped, but we haven't been able to figure out what they exactly stand for. The set is composed of 2,4,6-pw (7 pieces). True temper NDI Pro stiff flex and original Titleist cord grips. Loft and lie seems to be about standard. These seems to have barely been played, if at all. Not really sure how to price these given the rarity, but lets start at $2500 OBO shipped. Second is a set of Taylormade TP MC 5-pw. These have been played for about five months, but are still in great shape and have plenty of life left. Standard loft, 1-2 flat. Heads only. $800 OBO shipped Next we have a Taylormade tour only M5 8 degree driver with a 60tx tensei CK Pro orange. Taylormade standard length, tour velvet midsize grip. SOLD Finally the last item is a very rare brand new Taylormade tour issue Spider blade. This head has a flat black finish and metal sole plate. Not sure what the swingweight is, but it's very heavy feeling. Superstroke flatso $350 Open to offers on everything, not interested in trades at this time. If you have any questions or want more details please let me know. Thank you.
  2. Thank you, I'm not sure how many degrees it is, but it's almost the same as an average plumber neck putter.
  3. Shipping CONUS only, no trades. Thank you 1. Bettinardi Dass Boxcar putter. This putter was reshafted with a kbs iron shaft to avoid cutting off the original leather grip, so it'll come with the oriogonal shaft and grip as well. It's sitting at about 35 inches right now with the current shaft. $800 OBO shipped 2. Bettinardi BB10 Prototype. This comes with the origonal headcover which is in great shape for its age and a very rare Iomic Bettinardi grip. 35 inches. $500 OBO shipped 3. Tour issue Taylormade Rossa Spa. This putter is extremely rare to see these days and were only available on tour. Black shaft and rossa grip. There is some dings and scratches on the sole, but nothing on the topline or flange. 35 inches $400 OBO shipped 4. Miura CB-57 5-pw. These have been great irons but are just sitting around after getting a set of p7mc's. I'm willing to either sell them as is with Nippon 120x shafts or just the heads. Right now they're about a half inch over standard, 2 flat. All have Taylormade Lamkin grips other than the 6 iron which has a TV cord midsize installed. SOLD If you have any questions please let me know.
  4. You guys are going to like these, same with the CB. All I'll say is before the end of this year.
  5. Anybody know of any courses in the San Jose area that're open? Going to be here for two weeks and I brought my clubs with me, so I'm hoping that there's a few that have held out.
  6. A forged/ milled putter than looks better than the new scotty's for $300, I'll pay that any day. Almost forgot to mention they include a full weight kit. If Mizuno markets these right and can get them into the hands of a few tour pros, then these may do very well.
  7. I've talked to a ping rep about this. They aren't able to sell them to anyone besides the teams, it has to do with licencing or something along those lines.
  8. I stripped mine, it now looks exactly like the raw myhi-toe. I think it the formula I used was 3 part hydrogen peroxide 1 part white vinegar or something similar to that. With the finish bubbling off the solution would turn green, which I would then change out and put a fresh mix in. I found it from someone on here, possibly in the tour & pre release high toe thread.
  9. That's not aftermarket, it's from the tour or the TM vault. Taylormade did the regular head without weights for retail, the tour heads had weights and sometimes a different face. They did a limited release on the vault years ago. It's a good putter.
  10. 2016 M2, I still think it's the best driver taylormade has ever made.
  11. Selling my 21 degree TS2 hybrid. Has a Tensei white 90x installed at about a half inch over length with a golf pride midsize grip. One of the pictures shows a small scratch on the toe side of the crown, this can only be seen while looking at the face, but not at address. Looking to get $200 shipping included to CONUS.
  12. These should be in stores already, or at least Golf Mart has them. They feel very stable, good feel off the face as well.
  13. Odyssey DFX is by far my favorite. I'd give my firstborn for a cord version.
  14. Somehow Footjoy manages to make their shoes worse and worse every single year. It's quite a feat actually.
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