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  1. That very much sounds like my situation. I've been playing i20s for many years, but switched to G425s now. I tried i210s (and I also expected to be fit for them), but the G425s were better in all numbers, especially dispersion. I also got more spin and landing angle on the G425s compared to my old i20s, and I see that on the course too. And like you, the lofts works very well for me. I went for 6-U, because I have a 7w instead of a long iron.
  2. Ok, let's revive the thread I've played many rounds now on the course, so I decided to go to an indoor Trackman studio to check the numbers. I more or less could confirm the numbers from the fitting. The fitting is only with 7i, so it was nice to see the distance gapping was as expected with all clubs. More important, spin and landing angle were as good as the numbers I saw at the fitting. (These two numbers were the reason I went for G425.) Very impressing for a GI iron.
  3. And, I forgot to say, they launch high and stop quickly (even compared to i20). I have a moderate swing speed, so I need the help I can get to get stopping power. I prioritize stopping power over distance. But the G425 are not bad in distance, just not overly hot.
  4. @AzSuperHack76 describes it very well. Forgiveness is excellent and sound/feel is good with ordinary balls. (Not good with range balls.) I went from i20 to G425, and although I can miss the sleeker look of the i20s, the G425 just perform.
  5. Bought it and tried it on our practice area. Worked very well. To be honest I didn't feel to much difference in feel and forgiveness, compared to my old PING Glide. But it will go in my bag on Sunday!
  6. I said the same thing to myself: "this is cheating". I went from i20 to G425 and it's another world. Of course, I do miss the feel of the i20s. G425 is a bit clicky. But I'm getting used to it fast.
  7. Hi! I just found a used PING Glide Forged 54 degree for a really good price. Shaft and bounce is spot on what I want. Thing is it is in red dot (1 degree flat), whereas I play my iron set in green dot (2 degrees upright). Now, my other specialty wedges are neutral (just bought them off the rack, non-customized), so do you think the 1 degree flat would hurt me? I intend to use it for both full shots, three-quarter shots and around the green.
  8. Update: I now have 3 full rounds with the G425 irons. First impression still holds, they perform great: straight, high and spins great. I had a PW-mishit that went 7-8 yards right of the pin, and I thought to myself: that had missed with 15 yards with my old i210s... Distance-wise, they are maybe slightly longer than my old i210s (comparing loft-to-loft). I can't say that I had any "rockets" going to far. Still not completely used to look and feel, but it gets better all the time.
  9. I gamed them from 2013-ish up to now. Great feel, but I needed more forgiveness so I went for G425 this year. Not an easy call... Obviously shorter because of the more traditional lofts, but loft-for-loft I see no difference in distance. And of course less forgiving than game improvement irons. Mine were pretty worn after 7-8 years, otherwise I wouldn't have replaced them.
  10. Just saw this video on youtube comparing two GI (one forged, one non-forged): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-V9gwGz4Nmw According to Michael Newton, the Apex DCB (forged) felt better, and the numbers were pretty similar to G425 (also in dispersion). I didn't like the looks of DCB, but that is personal. (The DCB were also pricey of course.)
  11. Thanks for the insights, especially that forging limits the possible designs. We'll see what future technology bring us. For now I'm happy with my G425s, and I am getting used to both look and feel..
  12. Thanks for the comments. I agree that there is no perfect iron for everyone, I should have added "for me". Still, is it difficult to make a forged club with the forgiveness like a G425 (or similar GI iron). And would a hollow iron lose forgiveness because of "hiding" the cavity back?
  13. I just bought a G425 iron set and it performs fantastically. Incredible forgiveness, good distance and great height/landing angle. The only areas where they are not perfect for me are look and feel. If we start with feel, would it be possible to make a forged club with the same forgiveness? Or is the cast process a necessity to be able design the club to make it forgiving? When it comes to look, it's subjective. But for me, if the G425 would have hidden the cavity back (like a hollow club) it would be perfect. E.g. like MP-20 HMB. And maybe made the club head a touch
  14. Points 3 and 4 are very interesting @RacineBoxer! I just switched from i20s to G425s (tried the i210s but dispersion was way better with G425). I have only hit them on the range (courses not open here yet), but I find that the G425s "only" errors in start direction. Not curvature. They just go straight. I can hit draws and fades if I but I really have to exaggerate to do that. So your explanation in points 3 and 4 may explain what I'm seeing. About spin, I saw the opposite at the fitting. The G425s span a bit more than my old i20s. Maybe it had to do with worn o
  15. Just an update. I've been practicing a bit from grass with my new G245s, as opposed to range mat. With ordinary balls and a bit milder temperature (about 50 degrees), I no longer think about the sound from the clubs. Certainly clickier than my old i20s, but I no longer notice
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