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  1. Small update: I went to the same simulator centre today. We had to adjust alignment a few degrees, but the speed numbers were pretty much the same. I did notice that I hit the spoon (15 degree PING G400) with a club head speed around 85 mph. The driver club head speed was - as last time - around 88. I have never measured spoon swing speed before, what would be a "normal" relation between spoon and driver swing speed?
  2. Interesting discussion. I appreciate all input! @eth4and I didn't notice if the numbers were in italic, but the balls were my own (so no silver dot). I'll check the font of the numbers next time. @Stuart_G Thanks for the info that TM measures the same indoors and outdoors. I thought as much, but good to know. A related question: if the TM is setup wrong, for example not correctly aligned, would that affect measure of club head speed? I found a video on how to setup TM, and I will double-check next time I go there.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I wonder why the Trackman numbers from this summer (outdoors) were so different for the driver? I guess the things you are describing could also give wrong numbers outdoors? Or is there a difference in how Trackman measures club speed indoors vs. outdoors?
  4. Hi, Me and two friends went to an indoor Trackman simulator centre, and tried all their three "Trackmen" at three different occasions. We all experienced much lower club head speed than expected with the driver, but slightly higher with the irons. My driver club head speed measured this summer on another Trackman was 93-95 mph, at the indoor centre it was 85-88. My 7i club head speed this summer was 74. at the indoor centre it was 76-78. (The calculated shot length was accordingly short with driver and longish with irons.) And similar for my friends.
  5. Congratulations on your new clubs! Small question: how does the gapping work between the HMB PW and your 50 degree wedge? I'm also looking at HMBs for next year, and my gap wedge today is 52 degrees. So I need to get something in-between that and the PW. (Too bad they don't make a UW in the HMB line.)
  6. Just found this video, where they compare all Mizuno irons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zgmaE2YQ_0&t=135s
  7. I've got 3W, 5W, 7W all G400 in my bag. After getting the 3W, which I loved from the start, I decided to get a 7W to replace my 4i. The 7W is so much easier to hit, and I've never hit hybrids well. Then I figured out that a 5W would work perfectly on our two long par 3 holes (200 yards). And it also became my preferred club for second shot on par 5 holes. Have been thinking on replacing my 5i with a 9W. But then my old 6i (30 degrees loft) would be my longest iron. And if I bought new irons with the "modern" strong lofts, I would have to stop at a 7i
  8. Thanks for the info! 921 is also a candidate (F or HMP), and also Ping. Consistency and feel is high prio, not so much distance. Golf season is coming to a close here, but I'm looking forward to trying out new irons in spring. Will be googling and youtubing all winter
  9. Interesting comment, do you have any experience from them? I'm a 9-10 handicapper looking for new irons, and they may be candidates. I hit a few shots with them this year and they felt great. Just unsure if they are forgiving enough...
  10. Hmmm... I found this: https://Not allowed Per Todaysgolfer&#39;s UK request/features/equipment-features/2020/april/which-ping-iron-suits-me/ where Today's Golfer means i210 fits golfers with hcp <= 8. I have been playing my i20 over a 7-8 years period where I've been a 9-11 handicapper. And the comments in here have been that i210 is more forgiving than i20. So based on this I have played with too "difficult" clubs. I know that it's difficult to set a hcp range for a club, and there are a lot of individual factors. But it would be interesting to hear if you generally agr
  11. I promise, I won't sell the i20 I've actually had a great iron play this season, so I could really continue with them. But the wear is pretty noticable after 7-8 years. Anyway, season is coming to an end where I live, so let's see what happens in spring.
  12. Ok, so short i210 irons are less forgiving (l'm now guessing S-55 are less forgiving than i20)?
  13. Lots of information here, thanks! Did I understand this correctly: i210 are more forgiving than i20?
  14. Hi! I'm playing 8 years old Ping i20 irons, and wonder if anyone has played them and i210? Could you compare forgiveness for example? Thanks!
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