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  1. Hi, Rapsodo MLM can be had now at great discount. But I only use Android phone(s), anyone heard any rumors about Android support? Thanks!
  2. I game the G425s and they perform very well. Sound and feel are ok with ordinary balls, not so with range balls. I tried the HMP expecting a much better feel, but I couldn't feel any substantial difference. But how you perceive sound and feel is personal.
  3. I'm not considering changing anything. I was just curious if/how club head weight relates to shaft weight. For example how manufacturers pick stock shafts when they design a new iron.
  4. Just curious, do irons with heavier club head weight require a shaft that is heavier (in general)?
  5. Stock Alta CB, I think it's 55 grams?
  6. 90 mph is not bad, but I am losing distance each year. I am actually fine with the fairway woods, it's the driver I want to hit longer
  7. Hi, pushing sixty and the swing speed is dropping. With driver just above 90 mph. I've read a lot of praise for the XXIO X and I have a playing partner that has it and hits great drives. But the cost is pretty high, even with campaign discounts. So what else should I look at? I am gaming G400 now, and I think I read somewhere that PING are not the most lightweight. (I assume weight is important for speed here....) Thanks!
  8. As you can see in my signature, I play G400 driver/woods in SFT. For me they are great. No problems with hooks. The 3W is my goto-club when I have a bad day off the tees. It can really save the day. Sometimes I hit it off the deck, but it requires a good lie. (Not sure if you call me a low-handicapper, but I am playing off single hcp...)
  9. That's a valid point! I hit my 3W pretty often off the tee (almost as often as the driver). And a lot of 7W nowadays. So only the 5W is rarely used for me.
  10. Hi, I have G400 driver, 3W, 5W and 7W, and I'm very happy with them. Now they are getting old-ish and I have heard a lot of positive stuff about the G425 driver and fairway woods. When reading reviews, it seems to me that the fairway woods have improved the most. Has anyone done a similar switch (changing both driver and fairway woods), and would like to comment? Thanks!
  11. I agree, the pull/push-value is affected by wrong alignment. But shouldn't face-to-target be too?
  12. Thanks for the advice. I did not have access to any alignment rod, I don't think the young attendant had either (this was off-hours). I'll check next time. What is strange is that even if the alignment was off, the numbers on my attached screenshot doesn't add up. I guess that the Push/Pull (bottom left) would be calculated from club path and face angle?
  13. Hi, I went to the local golf simulator that has two GC Quads. Both me and the guy at the other sim hit almost all balls left. Mine were pretty straight pulls, almost no curvature. Small dispersion as well. I attach a screen shot of a pretty good 8 iron (a bit low AoA and spin, but that's me). Club path is only 0.1 degree out-to-in and face to target is 0.7 open. How can this ball have a pull of 3.6 degrees (and go 12 meters left)? (Don't think gear effect has to do with it - just 1 mm heely.) I bascially had to aim right or open the club face to get good numbers. Thanks for any insight!
  14. Thanks! didn't find those PDF-files on the Malty site..
  15. Thanks! Strangely enough, ZX5s were not listed. (But ZX7 were.) Just looking at PING, the GI irons were lighter than "player's" irons. I always thought it was the opposite...
  16. Hi, anyone know where I can find specifications for iron head weights? (Not swing weights or shaft weights.) Specifically for PING G425s and Srixon ZX5s. (And PING i20s, even if they are old.) If not, are there any general weighting practices for different types of irons? GI vs. CB vs. blades etc? Thanks!
  17. I agree 100%. I switched to G425 irons this year, and I never experienced a "too hot" shot. And, my misses are much better. And, I can hit a fade or draw if I want to...
  18. Anybody know how long to wait now for a single iron in graphite shaft? (Either Recoil 460 ES or Diamana; regular flex. Standard Golf Pride grips.) Thanks!
  19. I play G425s, but I think they are the same loft as your G410s. I took out my longest iron (same loft as your 5i) years ago, and added a 7w. Best thing I've ever done. Goes the same distance as the iron I took out. Then I have 5w, gaps nicely between 7w and 3w.
  20. If the lie is very good, yes.
  21. I love my G400 woods, "got them all": 3W, 5W and 7W. If G425s are even better, I need to take a serious budget discussion with my wife for next year
  22. Bought GI irons (G425) and dropped from 9.0 to 7.2 Most of the progress comes from the short game, but my misses are much better than with my old i20s..
  23. Up till this year I've only played PW in iron set, but now I bought the gap wedge ("U") in my G425s. It has 49,5 degrees loft and gaps perfectly between the G425 PW and my 54 degree wedge. I really like it for full shots and around the green if i is wet. (Or the lie is such that I feel that the 54 degree wedge can't get to the ball well.)
  24. Just to exemplify what I already said: Today I broke 80 for the first time since I was a young man. And my hcp is at all time low. Some of it is the short game (been playing a lot during Corona and working from home), but my G425s certainly are a part of the "success". I feel so safe standing over a 150 yard shot, knowing that it will hit the green (unless I do something really bad).
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