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  1. I have tried a Pistol 2.0 with and without 25g weight and have added lead weight today but just don't feel the balance is where I would like it. I see a lot of pros on TV using what look like SS Pistol grips on Scottys but cannot make out which models and would love to know the spec they have used.
  2. I have several Scotty putters, GoLo S5, Select Newport, Select Fastback and black Newport 2.6 all beautiful putters and love them all. However some don't like me!! I have changed the grips on all of them but kept the old which I can put back if ever needed. The GoLo S5 with a Superstroke Tour 3.0 grip that allows me run my hands up/down the grip for long/short puts has been most consistant for me and my gamer for some time. I find the Matador grips becomes slippy and feel soggy to me in rain and have not worn very well so have been experimenting with Superstroke Pistol GT grips on them. I like how the ridge on the bottom of these grips sit in the crease of my fingers helping consistent hand positioning. However, I have struggled with getting that nice balance of a Scotty just right using the SS grips where weight, for example, the Matador Mid grip is 89g whereas the SS Pistol GT 2.0 is only 56g while the Pistol GT 1.0 is much closer at 82g (also feels better, maybe rubber like, to me). I would be very interested to hear any experiences from anyone who has experimented with SS grips on Scotty putters and what they did to get the balance "just right".
  3. Thanks for the feedback. As a follow-on to my opening comments I am pleased to hear others agree with my view on full shots but am really curious to know what those who used and loved the Ping Eye2 Gorge SW moved to and how they found the move. If it’s so good why do Pros not still use them. The only Pro I know who used one was Padraig Harrington (LW) and it was his recommendation in a video some years ago that started me using it. Indeed I believe he even had Wilson make a “replica” HT (high toe) wedge when he moved to them. He has also been known to use a TM High-Toe wedge. I am trying to build a wedge set to give me better control of gapping and am very happy with the Vokeys I got… except for lob shots from tight lies around the green. I thought someone might suggest a Vokey with a wider sole such as a K grind or even Wedgeworks who I believe have a 58* K grind with much less bounce. (see below). Not keen though on spending a few hundred bucks without seeing one. By the way I am not averse to getting out my grinder and might pick up a used K grind and modify the bounce and heel to see how it works. Any thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GKfRX4ak6o
  4. Help/advice please. I have used a Ping Eye2 Gorge sand wedge for years and have found it to be such a versatile and effective wedge, as many GolfWrx'rs, from sand of any type and around the green. I can lay the head wide open when needed and effectively turn it into a lob wedge easily flopping a ball from any lie even hard pan. The only problem I have is that I find it not so good on full shots for me... it is about an inch shorter than standard but more likely because it is about 2* flatter than standard. I want to change my wedges ideally to improve my overall wedge play with better gapping for shots into the green than at present and was recommended Vokeys. I went with new SM7's (with Recoil 95 F4 shafts as in my Miz irons) 50.12F, 54.08M and 58.08M. The 58 M grind was recommended as the replacement my Eye2 Gorge as it was said to be best option for someone who likes to open the face when needed... but I have to say my experience is that unless I have some grass under the head I find it impossible to lay the face open to pick a ball off bare ground for touch shots, as I comfortably could with the Eye2. It just bounces into the ball or I have to set it back in my stance and struggle to get the flop shot/height I want but it is fine for a full shot. I also want something good to play from fluffy links bunker sand. I am tempted to go back to back to the Eye2. Has anyone replaced their Eye2 with a Vokey.... how have you found the move? ... and what grind did you go for? Thanks for reading.
  5. I have both a 56 and 60 Eye 2 Gorge wedge and agree with everything said here in that they are super easy to play from any bunker including tight wet or fluffy lies. I find the 56 allows me play all types of shots around the green including from thick rough and tight lies. I find the offset head facilitates this and I have it set a little flat which allows me set my hands low to open the face and play a flop type shot even from a tight lie. I recently bought the new Eye 2 Glide wedge but for the moment just cannot get the same feel from it so still using the Gorge.
  6. Thanks Guys. I moved the tape around a few times while trying to find the spot where the feel/balance felt good to me so think based on your advice/comments I am going to remove the tape, lightly sand/clean the area with soap/water and then alcohol and then put on a new strip. The area I am placing it on the wedge is curved but flat. Hopefully that will do the trick. Hadn't thought of the brittle nature of epoxy.
  7. I have added lead tape inside the head of a cavity backed sand wedge and am delighted with the result which has produced a much improved and pleasing solid feel with the balance and swing weight spot on where I wanted it. I am now concerned the tape may fall off in play and wonder if there is a way I can permanently fix the tape in place such as with epoxy or something else.
  8. Picking up on this topic I have a favorite GoLo 5S in perfect condition well looked after but all of the yellow (or is it yellow?) paint has disappeared from the GoLo logo on the sole plate. Has anyone repainted this? I have read of people using Testers or Nail paint and wonder if anyone knows the code for the "yellow" or other paint colours Scotty use on the 2014 GoLo. Thanks for any help.
  9. I find the same. While I accept 8802 style putters are the "pure" blades the term generally includes anser/newport style putters. For me I get the best feel/touch and distance control with my Newport and Newport 2.6 but from shorter distance within 6-10' my Scotty GoLo 5S "mallet" is hard to beat. The GoLo 5S has a small head, slight toe hang and straight centre shaft. The head reminds me in many ways of an old Bullseye with an extended back and line that helps me lineup the head
  10. I have a new Spider X copper which has the Superstroke GTR 1.0 grip. I would like to replace it with a grip that is a little thicker, ideally a Superstroke Traxion GT 2.0 that I have and like on another putter. However there is a big difference in the weight of the grips, GTR 1.0 is 82g and the GT 2.0 is 51g, a significant difference that will alter the balance and swing weight of the putter. The reason I believe is that the heavier grip is made from rubber and the lighter from a foam material. I wonder if putting a 25g weight in the Traxion GT 2.0 grip would return it to a similar swing weight/feel or ruin the feel ... or if it will work well without adding weight. It would be very helpful to hear from anyone who has replaced the GTR grip
  11. Thanks Guys, found specs on the Taylormade website, GTR 1.0 grip weight is 83g. https://www.taylormadegolf.eu/Spider-X-Copper-Single-Bend/DW-JIC76.html?lang=en_DE&cgid=taylormade-putters#lang=en_DE&start=20&. I would still like to hear if anyone has replaced it with the SS Traxion Pistol GT 2.0 which is 51g and if they added any weight to balance the weight difference.
  12. I have a Spider X Copper 35" and thinking of putting a Superstroke Traxion Pistol GT 2.0 grip on it that is a little thicker than the current stock grip. Does anyone know the weight of the stock grip on it which is described as Pistol GTR 1.0. Is it the same as the Superstroke Pistol GT 1.0 which is listed at 82g? The Pistol GT 2.0 is listed at 51g so there would be a 31g difference which is quite a lot. I would love to hear also if anyone has put on the Pistol GT 2.0 grip and how they have found it. Many thanks for any help.
  13. With the introduction of the SM8 I recently took advantage of special discounts on SM7 to bag a special order 54* and 58* with Recoil 95 F4 shafts. The are replacing mizuno S5 and an old favourite ping glide SW. Other than miz irons (have Recoil shafts) I use Titleist through the bag. Titleist fitter could not offer me a wedge fitting with Recoil shafts so we decided to order a 54.08M and also 58.08M. They look great and I am delighted with them but have one question. I like to lay the 58* LW open, even very open, for some flop shots around the green turning it into a 60 or more when needed and decided on the M grind for that reason. It works great when there is a decent bit of grass under the ball but when the lie is tight or bare the heal is bouncing the leading edge into the ball with nasty results. My question is if I grind some metal off the heal of the club so the heal (only) sits a bit more flush with the ground when layed open (I have done this with my wedges before) would that alter the feel or flight of the ball with the SM7 when played with a full or half swing Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. An update: I found a Titleist agent who could place a special order for Vokey wedges and after some research and a good chat placed a special order for a 54* and 58* both with M grind, 08 bounce and Recoil 95 F4 shafts. They arrived last week and they look great but I have only been able to chip with them in the garden as we are in Covid-19 lockdown with no golf for at least another 3 weeks. A couple of things came to light in the course of deciding the Vokey specs. I use and love Recoil 95 F4’s in my JPX900 irons and had a Recoil F4 shaft fitted in a favourite old Ping Eye 2 Gorge Sand wedge. It worked great except that occasionally the dreaded shank would pop up from nowhere mainly on those short 10-15yd flop shots around the green so struggled with my confidence, otherwise the club was great. Decided then to order one of the new Ping Glide Eye 2 58* wedges with Recoil 95 F4. Again I was not getting the feeling I wanted… the head seemed very heavy. The reason I mention this is that when discussing specs with the Titleist guy he pointed out that both shafts in the two Ping clubs were Recoil 780 ES F4 shafts which apparently are 10+g lighter than the Recoil 95. He felt that was the reason. Anyhow, I am delighted with the new Vokeys and trying to get used to their heavier weight/SW when compared with my past wedges. I like to lay the face open or even wide open when I need a flop shot around the green and have always been quite good for those touch shots with the Ping Eye2 SW’s. I find that even though the M grind is supposedly designed for those that like to manipulate the face the heal tends to bounce on the ground when I lay the face wide open on a tight lie (fine from normal grass lie) and so am tempted to grind a bit off the heal on the 58*08. Has anyone done this and would it have any effect on other full or three quarter shots?
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