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  1. Awesome stuff here. All shafts were built by People’s Clubs and are in pristine condition. WIll ship pretty much anywhere. Feel free to message me with any questions. 1. Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Button Back Limited. Newport 2. Used sparingly on carpet. $OLD 2. Cobra 3D printed Grandsport Armlock with LAGP Shaft. Plays 41 inches, Will include additional brand-new grip and headcover. $OLD 3. MC Tensei 1K 5X with Titleist tip, Untipped. Plays 45” in Titleist TSi3 head. $290 4. Ventus Black 7S, TM Tip, plays Standard length in TM 300 Mini Driver (Untipped) $OLD 5. Ventus Black 7S, TM Tip, Plays standard 5 wood length Sim2Ti (Untipped) $290 6. Ventus Black 7S, Titleist tip, Standard 5 wood length TSi (Untipped) $OLD pin 9/11
  2. For anyone in SoCal, I saw a ton of lightly used sets of Zx5 and Zx7 irons for sale at Roger Dunn in Santa Ana.
  3. I’m guessing you’re not as shallow as you think…. I have a combo Zx5/7 and I am completely smitten with them
  4. Anyone use the midlock putter with a non-midlock grip (i.e. another armlock style grip) ?
  5. Just grabbed a Rapsodo and want to use to distance gap my bag. Any experience doing this with non-premium range balls? The one's I'd be using are not that bad, they're just not Pro-V1s. Not sure I really want to throw down the $$$ to buy some Prov1s to lose out in my driving range.
  6. On course today with the 11.5 @ 13, Fuji Ventus Black 7s. It’s money. Way better results than with my TSi3 driver today—should’ve hit the mini all round. It’s in the bag for sure as my second tee club—my 2 wood. Didn’t have an opportunity to try her off the deck. Begs the question should I be playing the driver at 43.75 inches? I think there’s something to this and I’m going to experiment going that short in the big stick. Still planning on having the Mini in play as well. I’m 5’9” and so I’m also not sure it makes sense for me to play the same length driver as these guys (or you guys) who are inches taller. I realize that it is more complicated than simply basing on height—just sayin’
  7. HoganHO

    SIM 2 Max 8*

    just bought me one from People's Golf--that's the best way, and you're not gonna be wondering if it is a legit head or not. (I have no affiliation, just tons of great purchases from Will over the years) You're also able to get the EXACT specs on that head. My 8 degree has 8.9 degrees of loft and is a bit closed in the standard setting. That's what I'm looking for.
  8. This exactly. I experience Option 1 and Option 2 all the time....
  9. Range session yesterday and I really got to play around with both the 11.5 and 13.5 heads with the Ventus Black 7s shaft in there. Played both heads in all different settings. I think the sweet spot for me is going to be the 11.5, dialed up to 13 degrees. Love the ball flight and it will be an ideal "second driver" in the bag. Hope to play this week and will make a final decision.
  10. So, had a full weekend of golf (my clubs member-guest) and had both of my Mini 300s in the bag. I also switched the shafts out for Ventus Black 7s. I will say that the Ventus Black turns both clubs into VERY ANTI-LEFT beasts. I made it in to our derby and teed off with some big hitters. I was past all but the couple biggest of drives and even then I was about 10-15 yards behind some dudes that really pounded their drivers—and I caught some thick rough…. Bottom line is that they are really great clubs. I am not sure I will keep 2 in the bag, but I will absolutely have 1 in there. I just feel like knowing myself I’ll want to throw my driver in every once in a while and play the 13.5 as a secondary tee club and some off the deck. One thing is for sure—I love looking down at this thing. The size, shape and finish is super confidence inspiring for me. Stay tuned for more
  11. Mine fit in to Seamus fairway covers.
  12. Got Will Peoples building up some Ventus Black 7s for my minis. Can’t wait to put them in. Already know I get along well with that shaft and I can’t imagine the stock shaft performing better—but as I said, the stock shaft ain’t bad. stay tuned for updates.
  13. Hard to say for sure as I don’t have a launch monitor, but I’m gonna say the 11.5 @9.5 carries 15-20 yards longer than the 13.5 @ 15.5 and will most certainly have more roll-out due to the lower flatter trajectory.
  14. Got to the range today. Still loving the 11.5 @ 9.5, long flat bombs. Turned the 13.5 up to 15.5 and its killer off a low tee and easier for me to hit than a standard 3 wood. Also very easy off the deck.
  15. I should add that 3 wood off the tee has been a very inconsistent proposition for me over the years and over time I would say has resulted in strokes lost. But, there are places where the 11.5 will be too much and I believe the 13.5 will be easier to hit than a 3 wood off the tee…
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