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  1. I have a bit of a fade that can turn easily in to a slice when I’m not swinging great and so I have played the weight far over in the “draw” position for a while. My contact tends to be toward the toe side of center if not in the center. I moved the weight toward the “fade” side today and like magic I’m hitting long, straight balls, even some draws. Can someone explain this to me?
  2. Just watched the TXG video. I'd agree that they seem lukewarm. Definitely not getting the sense that the SIM 2 is a huge upgrade, maybe just different. I'll hit it when I have a chance, but gonna try to resist an impulse upgrade from my SIM.
  3. So, are these hitting the shelves in stores tomorrow, or just the official release date for info, demos, pre-order etc?
  4. Not a great fit for me. But, many love it. Check out the KHT Autoflex thread.
  5. Ordered direct from KHT, Built by them. Titleist driver adapter. Plays just a hair over 45 inches. Was butt trimmed, never tipped. I will ship anywhere in CONUS no charge. International, etc I will ship, but you pay. Played 3 rounds. $OLD shipped
  6. I’m disappointed, but I think I’m giving up. I’ve lost distance and control with this shaft even when playing it at a hair over 45 inches in the TSi3. I’ve always needed a “low-low” setup to keep my high spin in check—there’s gotta be something about my swing that doesn’t mesh. Anyhow, not throwing it on BST forum just yet, but I’m sure will be there soon for someone who is interested. Glad this thing is working for others though.
  7. Ian Fraser of TXG was very kind and responded to my question about cutting the shaft down. He said to go for it. I’m gonna do it. I actually feel like I swing a 46 inch club slower than a 45. Suppose I could see if that’s actually true on a monitor, but I don’t have a monitor on the course where it matters anyhow....
  8. Played again today. Thinking this shaft probably is not for me. Hitting super high slices and the good shots (there were only 2) seemed to end up shorter than my usual. maybe it’s an issue of the shaft length. Playing 46 is certainly longer than I’m used to. I’m tempted to take it down to 45, but don’t want to completely kill the resale value if I need to sell it. expensive experiment, but guess this thing is nit for everyone
  9. Regripped today with a midsize MCC +4 ( about 13 g heavier than the previous grip)and I think this got the swing weight just right. Feels much faster through the swing. Didn’t measure it, but the club feels great when I swing it now. Playing again tomorrow, so we will see if it helps. Still at 46 inches for the time being.
  10. Thanks for the replies I’m normally a 44.5 to 45 inch guy in terms of length. I will work with it at 46 a little longer to see what happens
  11. Ok. So the shaft arrived today (505x)just as I was on my way out the door to the course. So, I did the smart thing and put it right in to TSi3 I didn’t have much time to warm up. Felt like I hit a few good ones on the range. Anyhow, not surprisingly was a VERY inconsistent driving day. The club is set to play at 46 inches and that is definitely longer than I am used to. So, first question is: any harm in cutting down to 45? Should I start at 45.5? I was gonna take it in and see what the swingweight is. I know the head weighs 193 grams. Sec
  12. To me, it seems when the fairways are muddy and wet, you want to maximize carry. Not going to run anyhow regardless if you bring your height down. In fact, probably want to keep it in the air longer
  13. Any idea what the swibgweigt will be with the 193 gram head at 46 inches playing length? 505x shaft tour velvet with 2 wraps I’m talking ballpark here...
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