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  1. item price includes shipping CONUS, ships withing 48 hours of payment receipt DM me with offers paypal: [email protected] Odyssey OWorks Black 1W Putter - 35" length with SuperStroke MidSlim 2.0 Counterbalance Grip (No Weight included) - **$100** Item was purchased brand new last fall and gamed maybe 5 rounds, bid confidently!
  2. Eagle Eye is walkable... they let me walk it last year when i went as a single during the week... not sure about the weekends peak times thou. there were only maybe 2 lengthy transitions that were not even that bad. it was a rather lovely walk. College Fields is very walkable too just one walk through a tunnel under a road
  3. worth it to consider there are plenty of good public tracks in the north oakland area that offer memberships that are semi private. Oakland University, Boulder Pointe, Twin Lakes, Metamora all are solid tracks with sufficient practice facilities that offer memberships
  4. Agreed, along with the Loop if you’re going to Forest Dunes. The original Arcadia course has the views, obviously, but for me the South Course was a more enjoyable round of golf. Same goes for the Loop at FD, and I didn’t even get a chance to play it in both directions. I would assume my opinions regarding both courses being better than their older siblings is not one shared by many, but unless all you care about is good views and name recognition you’d be doing yourself a disservice by skipping either. Sorry. Should have been clearer. I've got both courses booked at both of those resorts (Arcadia and Forest Dunes) and have been on them already. Just too good not to go back every year to those venues. I would split the difference with you. Bluffs over South, but Loop over Weiskopf. Although, the closing four on the Weiskopf course rivals anything else out there in my opinion. they are in the second tier but a couple the come to mind not on that list all over the state: Black Lake, Eagle Eye, Lochenheath, and Pilgrims Run
  5. clearly allowing carts because they werent getting the number of rounds they expected. totally fine with people playing in a cart if they desire. agreed hopefully they can make sure it doesnt hurt the fescue HOWEVER, its absolute bull crap they dont have a different rate if you would like to still walk the course. i also have always had an issue with their replay rates. all major resorts that want people to stay and play typically offer a replay rate of 50% off. Arcadia does, Bandon does, SV does, i could go on... FD its $30 off the regular rate, so generous lol
  6. Had an amazing golf year... clocked 58 18hole rounds 31 were at my home course Twin Lakes Here is a semi thoughtful ranking of some of my non TL rounds Barton Hills - id call it the best course ive ever played, Kingsley neck and neck with it. the layers to the place are too good Indianwood Old - amazing layout and variety, just a bit more restoration could make it even cooler Lochenheath - thx OW22, course has easily the best collection of 1 shotters ive ever played Boyne Highlands Arthur Hills - best Boyne property track imo Forest Dunes - thoroughly enjoy FD but after 8-10 plays its losing its luster a bit, still great Eagle Eye - most pleasant surprise of the year, absolute joy to play, immense strategy and some really solid stretches of holes The Loop Black - need to play it a couple more times to truly evaluate it but #4 and #8 were two of my favorite holes i played this year Dearborn CC - desperate for some extensive tree management, but the green complexes were dope OU Katke - lovely hike, course really reminded me of the lower tier Boyne tracks (Alpine, Moor, Monument) Western GC - awesome routing all along the rouge river with some solid holes. Detroit GC North - the South is such a better, more fun 18 at DGC Lyon Oaks - best Art Hills public in Metro Detroit Pheasant Run - pleasantly surprised by the enjoyment of these 3 9s, id play it a good amount if i was in the area. West 9 prob fav Edgewood CC - played it a bunch as a kid, course is blah, but final stretch of 7 straight par 4s is bludgeoning Moose Ridge - the more i play this course the more i hate it, impossible to get into any rhythm on those first 4 holes (its kinda the point i guess) Oak Pointe Honors - awful, uninteresting target golf Biggest takeaway for me was getting back into actual tournament golf. mental side is not there when i tried to qualify for the MI Am or the GAM Champ. Broke par for the first time in my life a couple times this year but think the true highlight was a 77 at Barton in the GAM 4Ball, literally used 16/18 scores from my round, partner didnt have it that day. Looking ahead to 2019, tracks scheduled to play Steamsong Black Streamsong Blue Lawsonia Links Alwoodley (ENG) Moortown (ENG) Ganton (ENG)
  7. our group decided to do the Boulder Pointe No Pin Open this Sunday instead. Big Holes always a treat thou. weather looks awesome all thing considered how its been sometimes at that event
  8. All pricing includes shipping CONUS, items ship within 48 hours of paypal receipt paypal: [email protected] Callaway MD Forged Wedges - R-Grind DG TI S200 shafts, Standard LLL - 50*, 54*, 58* - $OLD FULL SET Clubs have less than 10 rounds on them, 8/10 condition, grooves great Puma Apparel Long Sleeved 1/4 zip up (white) - Size L - $30 Polos (blue, white, red or navy)- Size M - $20/each Nike Tour Performance Apparel Long Sleeved 1/4 zip up (green) - Size L - $OLD Vest 1/4 zip up (grey) - Size M - $OLD
  9. Nike Tour Performance Modern Fit L SOLD Nike Tour Performance Standard Fit M - Green Striped, White w/ Navy, and Light Blue SOLD
  10. between the ones i have Modern Fit L v Standard Fit M, they are pretty comparable, sleeves are a bit tighter on the modern... i size up on those and its a similar fit... i personally do prefer the standard fit in M as oppose to Modern Fit in L thats just me thou
  11. All pricing includes shipping CONUS, shipping within 48 hours of paypal receipt OFFERS WELCOME Paypal: [email protected] Callaway MD Forged Wedge Set - ALL R-Grind w/ DG TI S200 shafts - 50*, 54*, 58* standard LLL - $190 FULL SET These wedges have approx 7 rounds on them, TONS of life left 8/10 condition. Only interested in selling the entire set All clothing is in great condition with plenty of life left. clothing item pricing is listed for single items considering shipping, very open to offers for multiple pieces of apparel Nike Tour Performance Polos - Size M Standard Fit - $20/polo Options: Green Striped, White w/ Navy, Black Striped, Charcoal w/ Pink, Light Blue Green Stripes, White, and Light Blue SOLD Nike Tour Performance Polos - Size L Modern Fit - $OLD Options: Aqua/Teal, White w/ Stripes Nike Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Up - Green - Size L - $30 Nike Vest 1/4 Zip Up - Grey w/ Orange - Size M - $30 Puma Polos - Size M - $20/polo Puma Long Sleeve 1/4 Zip Up - White - Size L - $30 Feel free to ask any questions in the forum below or via DM
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