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  1. Anybody with opinions on the SL-1? Hell of a deal. I'm interested.
  2. Awesome. Glad it was a rather small purchase.
  3. Probably won't be ordering anything from these guys in the future. Ordered three pairs of sunglasses on the 10th. Didn't ship until the 15th. Have yet to receive my items. In this day and age, I don't expect products to take over two weeks to arrive without some sort of communication from the seller.
  4. Have the same "problem." Felt a bit weird until I realized my wife stores chapstick and floss in her handbags.
  5. Wilson Infinte Northside - $30 (new) Rife Aruba + Pure mid-size grip - $45 (new) Nike Method Converge Counterflex B1-01 - $30 (used) Do I putt better? No clue because I don't see a reason to pay steep prices. I'm not risking buyers remorse when I miss a few. Edit: I usually putt better than my playing partner which is all that is necessary most days. ?
  6. You can use my chart for shaft weight progression who includes play lengths. Thats my suggestions for play lengths to a player who fits "standard" length irons. http://www.golfwrx.c...-1462518653.png Howard, Could you briefly describe to me how I should be reading this chart. Thanks! Haven't seen Howard around much lately so I'll give it a shot. Left hand column is club, far right hand column is playing length, everything in the middle is shaft weight in grams (I believe cut shaft weight - but that might not be as important as long as one is consistent in using cut vs uncut). And the comma's are a European decimal point (e.g. 77,5 means 77.5 in the US). Basically to use it, you start with a club you know has a shaft that has a weight that is a good fit, and then you use that to find the right column that gives recommendations to you for the other clubs in the set. Some adjustments might need to be made if your playing lengths are different from those listed in the far right column. In fact, the playing length column is probably the better reference than the actual right hand club column. So let's say I have a 43.75" driver with a 50 gm shaft that I know is a great fit, then that tells me to use the 4th column (or 3rd column of shaft weights), and that 55 gm might be a good weight for my 3wd (@42.75"), 75 gm for my 4H (@39.5") and between 102 and 110 gm for my iron shafts. And most importantly, keep in mind that it's really only a chart to help get started in the fitting process. Actually hitting the shaft and the actual results you get with different weights is the only thing that really matters and it's not all that uncommon to stray a bit from the chart. it also assumes, that the swing weight/MOI has also been fit properly for the given length and shaft weight. Thanks for the explanation Stuart. Appreciate you jumping in.
  7. In hopes of changing my behavior and not my clubs, here it goes for the record. Driver - Cobra King Ltd Black 3W - Cobra Bio Cell 3H - Cobra F7 4-PW - Adams CB3 50*,54*,58* Wedges - Cobra King Putter - Rife Aruba
  8. Has this model been replaced by the Showdown? The fabric on the Showdowns I have is great for warmer weather but so much less durable for daily use.
  9. Thanks. If I was on the right track, the lead weight under the grip was the direction I was thinking too.
  10. I have a Wilson Staff Infinite and like the feel of the counterbalanced design. I'm new to building clubs. I'm wondering if I could create the same feel in a non-counterbalanced putter by measuring the balance point in relation to the head of the Wilson and replicating the same balance point in another putter through heavier grip/weighting? Am I missing anything?
  11. Looking to buy some tools. What makes you think there is 20% off coming up? For as long as I can remember they tend to run the free ship and 20% off tools back to back. I’m not saying it’s a guarantee but there’s a good chance. I bought a shaft puller a couple months ago when the free ship ended on a Monday and the 20 off started on same Monday. If you can wait for the stuff then check on the 31st, still be able to get free shipping. Good to know. Thanks for the heads up! My bank account and I can wait.
  12. I know that ... But 25 bucks for spending 100 bucks is 25% discount. I suck at Math but that's pretty easy. You got $125 for $100. That's a $25 discount on $125. $25/$125 = 0.2 = 20%. Still a solid deal. �� You must be fun at Parties I am. I always get picked to solve the math word problems as they arise throughout the evening.
  13. I know that ... But 25 bucks for spending 100 bucks is 25% discount. I suck at Math but that's pretty easy. You got $125 for $100. That's a $25 discount on $125. $25/$125 = 0.2 = 20%. Still a solid deal. ?
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