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  1. I believe that's from verticutting.
  2. Spitting on greens and tee boxes is not cool. I don't care where else you spit.
  3. Bryson needs to find a former rules official to carry his bag. It would save a lot of time.
  4. There can be a steep upcharge on car rentals when you drop it off in a location other than where you picked it up.
  5. They could easily lighten the load by not using obnoxiously heavy staff bags. Push carts are not needed.
  6. Using length to manipulate swing weight is a bad idea.
  7. Three rules of being a caddy: Show upKeep upShut up He failed #2.
  8. Very cool. Thanks for posting. I'm going keep Flanigan in mind next time I need some custom work.
  9. Most Anser style putters have a sweetspot that is about 1/8" to 1/4" inch to the heel side of the sight line. Assuming the sight line is in the center of the cavity. That's due to the extra weight of the plumber's neck. The most heel biased putter you will find is a Wilson 8802 style.
  10. I saw this bumper sticker on a truck the other day and chuckled. And just thought of it watching Kyle.
  11. It's a unique tip diameter. Like .342. .355 is too large. Good luck. I suggest sending it to Ping for the reshaft. It's reasonably priced, pretty fast, and obviously they have the right shafts.
  12. I have the following for sale. I'm not interested in any trades. Shipping by USPS Priority (only to the U.S.). The balls need to be sold 5 dozen to the box due to shipping costs. Please message me if you are interested rather than posting in this thread. --------------- 5 dozen 2017 Titleist ProV1's. New in box. No logos or personalization. 3 dozen are standard numbers (1-4) and 2 dozen are high numbers (5-8).$160 total via PayPal, includes shipping (that's $32 per dozen) SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---------------- 5 dozen 2015 Titleist ProV1's. New in box. 4 dozen have John 16:33 stamped on the size and one dozen has an Allstate logo. $140 total via PayPal, includes shipping (that's $28 per dozen)
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