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  1. I am a 5.4 currently, ss is 112-118 and I play the Cobra SZ 9 deg (standard settings) and I just put in a small batch smoke yellow in it and gained 3+ mph in ball speed. It was just dumb luck as I wasn't fitted for the Cobra but I found a great deal online. Last year I played a fitted m5 with an aldila atx green fitted here by greengrass and loved it but the cobra is just way more forgiving
  2. Cobra Speedzone 9 deg Projext X small batch smoke yellow 70 tx My m5 last year had more distance on a pured strike but the Cobra gets incredible ball speed on poor strikes and I'd bet my average distance has gone up. I've owned almost everything but I am very happy with my Cobra although I'd be happy to go back to m5 as well. The twist face on the m5 was unpredictable from my high toe strikes that I like to try to play to hit bomb draws. Currently a 5.4 index
  3. with that kind of speed you should probably see a well reviewed professional to help with your setup. I am an above average ss (113-119) and when I finally ponied up for a proper fitting it completely changed my game. There are so many good fitters out there and it would be worth it for you to use one of them in my opinion
  4. Mine arrived today and all I can say is WOW! I was tracking my data on a MEVO (not always correct I know) but I was averaging 13 yds more than my m5 and I haven't even converted my aldila tour atx green (the tour only version and it's a spin killer). I am so excited to get my real shaft in it and see how it performs. I honestly think the regular speedzone is miles away better than the extreme
  5. I disagree. I was actually disappointed with the sz extreme. I just couldn't get the spin down no matter what shaft I tried. The regular sz was much lower spinning for me and it actually felt a lot better. I am going to pair it with a small batch hzrdus smoke yellow ( i like the counterbalance). I was getting 165+ ball speed while swinging 114 mph which is really fast for me. The extreme was close in ball speed but the spin was 2800+, while the regular sz was in the low 2000's. I ordered the sz
  6. I love that Titleist is doing these "power spec" irons. I have noticed in fittings that more and more people are going away from the "traditional" lofted irons but still want a soft forged feeling. I will definitely be giving these a try
  7. 7 deg up is not a thing and the fitter should have recommended swing changes. Anything above 4 degrees drastically affects how the iron is designed to perform.
  8. I totally agree! My epic flash sz has totally changed my mind when it comes to 3 woods. I can hit it low and run it out to 260 and also hit it 240 in the air. My only miss is a slight hook with it and it's super forgiving. It's the best 3 wood I have ever had and I have been through them all.
  9. I was thinking the exact same thing! I have to almost throw my back out to get to 117 and these guys hit "smoothies" at 130+++. Must be nice!
  10. I use my hybrid almost like a wedge. I can hit a high wofty fade that goes 200 or i can hit a high drawing low spinner that goes 225. It's my favorite club by far. The pxg hybrid is amazing and the best one I've ever had
  11. Such a great price! I would be all over these if they were even close to my specs
  12. I was going to say the same thing! The M5 has been the lowest spinning driver I've ever hit paired with the right shaft. I tried the ventus black but it was about 3-400 rpms higher than my atx green. I have tried every head model for at least the last 5 years and the M5 is definitely the lowest spinning driver that doesn't sacrifice dispersion
  13. this shaft is a beast!!! I got my best numbers with this shaft but the dispersion was just a bit off from my ATX green. This is a good price too. GLWS
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