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  1. Las Vegas National is a hidden gem. It's not very fancy but they keep the course nice and it has a lot of history. Houses that surround the course are stylish 50s 60s architecture. They also have those skateboard golf carts which can be fun.
  2. [quote name='Hateto3Putt' timestamp='1440337710' post='12193202'] Oxi Clean, a scrub brush and a hose. Use lots of elbow grease and allow to air dry. [/quote] Just to make sure this is for the original hoofers the cloth bags. Will this method still be okay? I dunno why I'm stressing so much over this and I'm sure a bucket of oxi clean/water and some good ole brushing will be fine, but I just enjoy the hoofer to much to destroy it haha. Thanks for the help, researching this topic seems to be impossible. When I do this I'm going to youtube it so in case anyone else has this question I can
  3. I have a hoofer 2 that is pretty dusty and has a few stains on it (black cloth). Does anyone have any tricks or tips to clean these bags, like a deep clean that'll make the bag look new again? The cloth is in perfect shape just needs a good cleaning. I tried to google some information on cleaning these and some people recommended a steam cleaner, others recommended a blower and or pressure washer. I haven't really found any solid information. I just don't want to damage the bag. Thanks for the help!
  4. A gentleman had a swing speed meter behind me. Funny guy walks up and ask if he can try a few shots with the swing speed meter. The gentleman politely lets him hit a few balls to test it out (funny guy brought his own balls to hit). "95...96...96...96...94... I think your speed meter might be off, I usually swing between 115-125"...I almost s*** my pants when he said that, to be honest I'm surprised he was in the high 90's.
  5. [quote name='TitleistDave2' timestamp='1439438778' post='12127936'] Even though I'm a Dodgers fan I love that bag! The Diamondbacks should go back to purple and teal. [/quote] haha thanks. I love the old Hoofer bags, I wish Ping went back to that same cloth style bag.
  6. [quote name='Mitchell' timestamp='1439437020' post='12127820'] Very solid set, especially liking the Staff tour blades. Hope you play well and enjoy your experience here! [/quote] Thanks Mitchell! Just started playing the game again. The golf bug bit me and I'm back!
  7. Driver: Titleist 905S + Speeder 869 Stiff Fairway Wood: 2 Wood Callaway Big Bertha Irons: Wilson Staff Tour Blades 2-PW GW: Cleveland CG15 54o SW: Cleveland RTX 588 56o LW: Cleveland Tour Action 60o Putter: Odyssey Versa 1W
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