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  1. Not sure if this was mentioned, Before and after your round try rolling/massaging your feet, one at a time, on a golf ball. Spend at least 30 seconds or more. Our feet are made of many muscles and tendons that can get stiff/restricted. I'm pretty sure we all have a golf ball to use Try it out!
  2. Never seen the swing shown like that. Really helps show proper tilts. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for that. With driver I have a tough time feeling the left shoulder staying low in transition since I'm tilted away from the target. I feel like I'm going to put the club into the ground. Maybe I need to work on extending more through impact? I have Monte's ntc vid. It's great stuff, I just need to keep working on it. Also, I can totally see what you mean about the left heel just raising my left hip. Going to work on that left ankle movement a lot.
  4. I've always seen people suggest the hands needing to be further with driver because it needs more room to come through. I feel like if I stand closer I won't be able to keep my arms straight. Not sure! so my left fingers are touching my left leg and going down towards my knee as i take it back? Is that the feel?
  5. Update from today. Added heel lift and feeling the left shoulder going down. Looks better I think, contact was off, but I assume I need more practice and reps.
  6. I think I struggle with my left knee movement because my left ankle is messed up and doesn't dorsi-flex well. Trying to add heel lift, seems promising! Thank you Great video, thank you!
  7. 9/30 Update Was playing pretty good golf for a few weeks with the swing thought of left knee to the ball on the backswing and kind of AMG surfing into impact. I'm not sure what to do about driver though. It seems I'm sliding way too much and that could be the most important thing to work on now. What do you guys think? Hey guys, Watching all the videos of pros at winged foot has me analyzing my swing. I can make a practice driver swing with steeper shoulders going back, but
  8. Place a club across the front of your shoulders and then turn and point the left side at the golf ball. If you can do that then it may be shoulder stiffness not allowing you to lift your arms.
  9. TOUR Issue Callaway Big Bertha 816 14* 3 Wood HEAD ONLY -Normal sole wear. Face and Crown are very clean as you can see. More pics upon Request. Comes with Great Big Bertha headcover, not the original headcover.$125 obo $105 obo Power Package Golf Training Aid. Basically brand new. Only used inside in front of a mirror. Never taken outside.$60 obo $50 shipped Taylormade P790 Udi 2 iron 17* standard loft & lie. Shaft is Nippon NS Pro Modus3 GOST (Graphite Over Steel Technology) 101g X Stiff. New hybrid shaft technology from Nippon. Awesome feeling shaft. -Used for a few rounds. Decide
  10. I guess what I mean is that I am standing closer to my club. I feel like my hands are closer to my body at address.
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