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  1. Used - excellent condition
  2. Excellent or new condition
  3. I would assume they are water repellent. I have the Jordan XI shoes and they do pretty well repelling the morning dew. But these are a different material.
  4. For sale today are Jordan IV Seersucker BNIB in size 10.5. Price $300 Trade: Scotty Cameron 2021 Phantom X 5.5. Looking for excellent condition. Length can vary. Thanks
  5. Hahaha can we at least agree the weld job isn’t too bad
  6. Is this authentic or fake? I think it’s a fake. No COA. Thanks I’m advance
  7. All very valid points that I didn’t even consider so thank you. Checking to see if putter is raw or nickel plated.
  8. Looking at pulling the trigger on a Tei3 sole stamp. Putter has been refinished or stripped. Doesn’t seem like these go up for sale often so very hard to do some pricing comparison. On the bay I could only find original putters in excellent shape. This one has some scratches on the bottom. thanks
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