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  1. I've had the player III bag 14-way top for about two weeks now. I can't speak to long term quality obviously but coming from a sun mountain 3.5 it seems very well built. Zippers: beefy, smooth and sturdy feeling and extremely satisfying to use. Pockets/organization: very well thought out, love the magnetic range finder pocket, good size ball pocket but not huge. Stand system: seems robust, with a slight push into the ground the legs shoot out and when it is picked up they snap back. 14 way divider: still getting used to it, would get the 6 way if I were to do it again. It is just more time consuming I find. Materials: the faux leather exterior feels premium. Mine came with a cart strap thing that protects against rubbing. Handles are beefy and comfortable. Straps: very comfortable but it balances nicely when carrying. Seems like it will hold up over time but we'll see. Happy with it so far. On the heavier side but the straps and balance off-set that mostly, for me anyways.
  2. Yes! But annoyingly the opposite problem, mine tends to sneak its way back into a stronger position, both my left and right hands.
  3. I just picked up a Titleist 816 H1 hybrid, it was marked down $80 up here in Canada, feels great. Also, I've heard good things about the Titleist 915f fairway woods, been dying to try one, they are also marked own quite a bit now because the 917s will be out in the fall.
  4. Hahahaha, are you me? I totally get it man. 77 the other day, 13 greens 35 putts, kill me.
  5. I'm surprised KentWool hasn't been mentioned more. They are a bit pricey, but for somebody like me who struggles to find socks that don't slide, and give blisters these socks are amazing. They feel sort of heavy but even in 30+ degree weather they're very breathable. They've got all the lengths, I have some of the really low ones with the tab and some that go a tiny bit higher, no complaints.
  6. I play the T-MB 3 iron with the stock AMT stiff shaft. I haven't got much of a chance to use it this year. Played a few rounds when season opened and the face cracked, sent it back to Titleist and got a new one back about 6 weeks later. However, time spent at the range with it has been encouraging, and I've played maybe 27 holes so far since I got it back, tends to be my go to club off the tee on short par 4s. It also launches surprisingly high off the deck for a 3-iron. Give it a shot!
  7. I've been working on this same issue, I've always been an over swinger because of my late wrist set. I tried the no turn cast drill from Monte, wasn't for me. But what did work, or has been working is the left arm parallel with full wrist set, or at least that feeling (most the time I get just past left arm parallel which is fine) but just thinking about that and rehearsing before my setup has helped immensely. Been striking it on the range better than I ever have, just have to bring that to the course now....
  8. Just picked up this awesome Scotty off kijiji. Brand new, grip still in plastic I think from 2009? I had been looking around for a Newport 2 and wanted to avoid this years insert, found this and jumped on it.
  9. Didn't realize there was so much hate for these clubs! I got mine end of last season, took some time to get adjusted and after a couple swing changes I'm striking the ball much better and I think they're great. I didn't hit them well at first but that was my fault not the clubs. They feel soft to me when struck well, but I'm coming from TM Rsi2s, and before that ping i10s. It seems like a lot of the hate comes from people who have played previous MP lines. But coming from TM and Ping they feel awesome to me!
  10. Hey everyone, I tend to struggle with aim/alignment, problem is I tend to align myself both left and right of my target. I've always been taught/told to pick a spot 1-2 feet in front of the ball in line with what I want to aim at. This sounds simple enough but I tend to lose this spot somewhere between me finding the spot then walking up to address the ball. I find it particularly hard with wedges and drivers, especially driver. Lately, I've been sort of checking myself by looking at my target once I've addressed the ball and checking to see if my left shoulder (right handed) is slightly left of my target hoping that the club face is then pointed at the target assuming I'm square, this has had mixed results. Anybody have any tips on getting more consistent with this? What do you guys do?
  11. Yeah, just watched it. Disagree completely with the way they handled this mess, but I agree Chamblee was out for blood, he just wanted to argue and make a scene. The two USGA guys explained 3-4 times why the decision was made (proximity, practice strokes, etc), yet Chamblee kept asking "what actions of his caused the ball to move?!?!?". Then he seems mad he got the same answer.... What a mess.
  12. Would have been better without the full explanation of why DJ needs to apologise too. Less is more when trying to sound cool. Yup, keep it to one sentence hahahah
  13. "Dustin Johnson is the type of guy who has to apologize to the sweet spot before taking it back, because hes gonna punish that sweet spot" .....Come on.... Because nobody else punishes the sweet spot out there. I bet that sounded so much cooler in his head.
  14. Not so much as what they're saying, which is unbearable most of the time. But holy crap, who is breathing so heavily into their mic, it has been constant for the past half hour and nobody on the crew has realized it? Amateur hour....
  15. Been working on my ball striking this year, I've always struggled to get that solid ball first contact. I've been working with an instructor in my area on maintaining my posture in my downswing and shift my weight properly onto my left side. With the help of my instructor, some Youtube tips and Monte's wedge video I've been making progress, I haven't struck the ball with my irons and wedges this well in a while. Still struggling to bring the swing from the range to the course but I'm pleased so far. This is from Winter 2016, working indoors with my instructor. My miss with irons has is off the toe or thin, high but on line. Luckily my misses with irons and wedges are playable most of the time but I really want to improve at impact and get rid of my thin contact. This is from today at the range, been striking it well in my last few practice sessions focusing on weight transfer and posture. I purchased Monte's wedge video last week and I'm trying to get an earlier wrist set, don't think I set them well in this video but I'm getting there, contact has improved. That wedge video is awesome Monte, the tips seem to work well for all my irons as well. Sorry for the vertical videos....
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