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  1. The stickers on the shafts had been removed. On the printed part on the shaft it says true temper with an R that has a circle around it. I just wanted to verify that this means regular flex and is not part of some logo or something. The set of clubs are a mizuno set of mp-69 irons if you are trying to date the shafts.
  2. These irons look like the Nike VRS 2.0 but they do not say 2.0 on the Hosel. The nike vrs covert X looks the same but also says 2.0 on the hosel. I saw on ebay where a Normal Nike VRS covert single 4 iron sold with no 2.0 on the Hosel. I am trying to identify which set I have so I can look up lofts and information on them (lofts/value). When search nike VRS covert I get no results including on pga fair value guide. They only pull up covert vrs 2.0. Any help of information would be appreciated. This is the iron I saw sell on ebay without the 2.0 on the hosel also. It was just listed as nike vrs covert.
  3. I have requested closer pictures he told me he will get them. I will add more as I can. The back of the Wedge looks a little weird almost melted. The set is 3-SW for a total of 10 clubs. I remember a long time ago there was a lot of fake g15 irons sets on ebay. The wedge looks melted and other one next too it has a really wierd orange color under it (not sure if thats normal. Never seen these in person or at a bottom angle like that. I think I am just going to stay away from this.
  4. I am returning to golf =). I got some clubs and I am now ready to go once I get some good days off to go where I do not have to watch the kiddos. I was in a bad car accident a few years ago. My range of motion on a turn is a little limited right now. I am now on a golf journey for my mental health and physical health. I am starting a diet and going back to the gym. I am 5'11 325 pounds if you were wondering. I have very broad shoulders. I apologize for the bad camera angle. I was at my father in laws house and decided to hit some golf balls in his field. The phone was standing up against my jeep. I have ordered a tripod to get better angles next time. I understand advice may be hard due to the camera angle. I do see I am mildly coming over the top. I have watched a few videos on it but I am not your average sized golfer. Some golf advice just doesn't work the same. I thinned the 4th shot really bad =/. You can actually see where it went.
  5. First picture of all the bags was the only photo the guy posted. The guys does junk removal. He finished cleaning a big job. He posted to marketplace and said $50 a bag. There were 4 bags total. He gave them all do me for $150. I recognized the PXG driver and was ill take a chance and bought it all. It was hard to tell from the one picture he posted what all was there. It was very dark and we were in a front a grocery store that was about to close. Overall the deal looks really awesome. Wedges galore. Burner 2.0 6-9, RBZ 4-9 RBZ tour pw. Also not photo's are a few random off brand clubs in the garage. There were some mizuno mp 32 irons but only 4-7 =(. The rions were all mixed in the bags. If you didnt buy they all you would not have that rbz set. My main questions: Are those Taylor made irons real? I do not see serial numbers on them anywhere. One of the bags had a decal that said Tour player has the ABC logo and on the other side says #1 amateur tour. The decal is about as big as my hand. Sadly the PXG driver shaft was broken and it felt super light. I can see the silver screws in the head but are those black screws missing parts/weight? I am clueless about pxg. The pxg wedge feels heavy. Overall all I feel I did good on this deal.
  6. Usually with tennis shoes I never buy most big brand street shoes because they are too narrow even in wide such as adidas and nike. For the most part I have worn sketchers and Saucony wide running shoes. I am looking for recommendations for shoes that fit looser. Also I dislike shoes where the uppers near the laces feel like they are tight. If anyone here also is a bowler, I usually wear Dexter SST higher end shoes. Even the narrow in those run so wide I do not have to buy them in wide. Looking for suggestions up to a $100 budget. I went to dicks but everything I wanted to try on they didnt have my size or they didn't have a wide version.
  7. I recently bought a mizuno 190g driver and a 190 3 wood. They were a part of a larger deal. They guy said they were stiff shafts. When I got everything home I noticed the shafts are actually atmos white tour spec. I am a slower swing speed and was hoping to grow into a regular stiff shaft but not a tour spec stiff. Are all mizuno adapters the same? I am looking to buy a new regular or stiff shaft for both of these? I see that these shafts I have aren't very cheap either. Maybe I can sell them Any advice would be great. The deal for the clubs was awesome since I got a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, staff bag, and 2 wedge set all near mint so I will not be asking that person to take them back. Any links to what I should be looking for would be awesome. I found a picture online of the shaft. It looks exactly like the photo one the 6-s part I am not sure of.
  8. Have you done well with hybrids in the past? I do not remember it was 5 years ago. Dicks is the only place here that will let you test clubs but they are super strict now. They will not let you hit anything unless you are doing a fitting or maybe the guy was just stereo typing me What is your plan for fairway woods? I have no clue how to even space lofts in a bag that is why I asked. My 2nd question on my post was asking for help on how to set up a bag around those irons.
  9. Hello I am trying to build a real bag for the first time ever. I have landed on MP69 irons 4-pw. I have attached the loft charts as a picture. I saw a deal for 3 ping g30 hybrids. They are 4h 22*, 5h 26*, and 6h 30*. Are those hybrids/lofts going to be too overlapping or overkill? I would say my skill level is basically a beginner =). 4 rounds of golf 5 years ago and I am now buying clubs to get back into it. Yes I know mp 69 are blades I seem to hit them fine at the range =). Yes the only clubs I have right now are the mizuno irons + a putter. I would rather buy some decently quality name brand clubs I can grow into or resell later if my needs in the bag change. my questions: 1. Are these hybrids a good fit to go with my irons? If no what lofts/numbers should I be looking for? 2. Can anyone give me advice on how I should set up a bag or what clubs/lofts I should be looking for to go with these irons?
  10. I am located in Fayetteville North Carolina. We really do not have any used stores here besides play it again sports (no range). I am trying to find somewhere that has a good variety of used clubs that you can test on a range before buying it. I am anticipating having at least a 2-4 hour drive to find such a place near me. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. I am newer to golf and bought 2 irons sets for 350. The other set was big bertha 2006. From the advice of a friend across states they told me to buy both. They were 200. A set or 350 for both. My friend said for me to use the berthas which he said are worth around 200-250 due to comps recently sold on ebay. He also said resell the pings to get some if not all of the money invested into both sets. That is the reason i was asking about values. I also have a the becu sand wedge but the serial doesnt match
  12. Any suggestions for cleaning these older irons? Does removing the patina make the set lose value? I saw videos about putting them in coke and may other cleaning methods. What would be the best way to clean these up without damaging or ruining them. Does removing the old paint and putting new paint effect value? What are some best practices for removing and putting on new paint.
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