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  1. Love to see a mobile app again. I think it would be pretty cool to be able to live stream chat with WRXers during tournaments.
  2. Saw some of Rory's drives last weekend. To my eye his swing looked good. Had a ton of speed through the ball and matched up. Just couldn't manage the face. I could see him Top five this week and get his buzz back up.
  3. Genoa City, WI 22.3 Current Handicap Cameron 2.5 Newport or Piretti Potenza 2 Biggest struggle with the putter is face control. Love to review the 33" #8. A face balanced heazy blade sounds so perfect for my struggles. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Heck yes. Love to try it out the putters on summer and fall POA greens here in the midwest. Winter is coming but I have the birdie ball green in my basement to continue some serious drills. Do you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website? 100% I will write a through review and throw up some love for Cleveland and Golfwrx on social media.
  4. Thanks for the opportunity. 50* Tour Satin with standard loft and lie AMT Black +1/4" Midsize MCC +4 Silver
  5. Thanks for taking the time to answer some of our question and producing high quality clubs! Have you guys done anything to progressively alter the center of gravity in either 585/785 irons sets? For example launch the long irons higher and progressively moving the CG toward the top line as the clubs get shorter so the short irons launch lower and more controllable. Vokey has introduced some of these characteristics into their wedge design; any chance this evolves to iron sets as a whole? Ideal bag has the yardage AND loft gaps consistent from 4 iron to PW and has high launch long irons and low launching short irons. I go to just about every demo day in my area and it just seems like club manufacturers are juicing the 7 iron design to impress the consumers but leave big holes in the rest of the set.
  6. Have you collected data from new users of the Shot Scope V2? Is there is number of strokes gained from using and understanding their stats, yardages and weakness? Possible areas of development being: using the gaps in the yardages and new knowledge of shot miss tendencies to funnel to your app or website for suggested practice drills or practice plans to increase practice effectiveness? Helping lower the scores faster and increasing the enjoyment of practice. I don't know if I am the only one but I love real watches and I hate the ugly look of any smart watch. Is there any chance you could design a golf watch that looked more like a Rolex and less like a calculator; so It could be worn all day and not look out of place?
  7. Genoa City, Wisconsin Handicap is 18.6 48/54/58 with high bounce and that Tour Raw is looks outstanding Gaming a jumbled mess of 54 Cleveland CG and a Vokey SM6 K Grind or a Callaway X tour 60 And yes I agree to post about testing every lie good bad or the otherwise with pitches, chips, skulls, thins and hosel rockets.
  8. Can't tell fully from DTL but you like to push left hard in the downswing. I have same issue. The more you move past the ball in the swing the more you dump the angles early and come down steep. Fat shots, pulls, duck hooks, and a ugly weak fade. Try working on sitting into your right leg in transition during your next session and see where it takes you. Good luck, your swing will work into form.
  9. First of all I want to thank GolfWrx for creating a great place for golf nuts and Taylormade Golf for the awesome opportunity. I think by now everyone has seen the great pictures and unboxings already posted. You guys out did yourselves. Rather than post some more of the same. I will just post a video of some shots I hit my first night out with these sticks on the range. [media=] [/media] Well boys it's late so for right now I will keep it short and sweet. If you asked me to describe these clubs in one sentence... It's the best of both worlds, a mechanical looking Game Improvement iron that feels and sounds like a players iron. I will get on later this weekend and give some more initial impressions and more insight as I take these to the course and the launch monitor for some numbers. Curious to see how the stack up against my current Cobras. Thanks again Golfwrx and Taylormade :smilie_tm:
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