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  1. Hello - trying to get any sort of info on the cover that came with these.. I know there were the 6 proto putters - but were there more covers produced? I think it was about 2011? THANKS!!!
  2. > @grm24 said: > > @radiman said: > > Just an FYI. I just got a notification that I was promoted to ClubWRX. I am not a member so I'm assuming it was an error. > > Same here. Likewise
  3. > @aadadams said: > When this is answered, I may buy one too. Not lookin good haha but I'm headed to my golf shop today and just going to see if any they sell work with the Quad XL. Will let you know!
  4. More specifically - anyone found a decent cooler that works/straps nicely with the BagBoy Quad XL? For waters, obviously.
  5. > @CHuntsman said: > > > https://www.nike.com/t/polo-unisex-polo-pqh5sP How does one get the Members Access? I kiiiiinda need this shirt with Frank *** Nevermind! Got it.
  6. I'm hoping a chance to buy Masters Specials of Rory's shoes... I really really want the gold once for the Players this week, no idea how you buy these Nike limited items though!
  7. ? I haven’t been able to look much recently - anyone know of anything? CC is locked and loaded.
  8. walpy

    Tour Only ProV1

    I have a dozen ProV1(dot), I've had more in the past. But only a dozen new ones now
  9. Meh - I just bought one to add to the yardage book collection. I'm undecided on how I feel about their use on tour
  10. I use both. Laser and yardage books. I make mine normally.
  11. I always go balls and a few gloves. I'd prob get 7 doz ProV1x's and like 4 gloves with the $500
  12. Wow.... those scores in the tournament proper. Not a team that could drop -4
  13. Oh personally I agree it's not worth the price for the box, was just saying you can't be upset you (not you specifically) didn't something free because you expected a better box.
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