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  1. CAMFLAN!!! Love this thread for that ridiculous photoshop and also - mat562. Those MP14s were legit.
  2. Irons still available - remember I can pull the shafts and sell heads/shafts separately if someone is interested. Also - is the Planemate fad over? Did I miss the boat on this one?
  3. Based on my swingweight scale, they range from D1 in the long irons to D2.5 in the short irons. I can get the headweights (pre assembly) tonight from any interested buyer, just PM me.
  4. Two things up for sale tonight: Prices include shipping, CONUS. Can add cash for the right trade of i200/i210/iblade in black dot or flatter, however. Nippon 105s or LZ shafts if possible. 1) 4-PW Mizuno MP-14 irons stripped and refinished with black oxide. These were purchased from a fellow WRXer over the winter and I reshafted 5-PW with Project X LZ 5.5. Grips are golf pride MCC+4. Lofts are standard MP-14 specs and the 5 iron measures 38”. They’ve only seen 9 holes of golf and a bit of range time so not much in the way of chatter or dulling of the finish. Pics tell the story. Iron faces start with PW and end with 5 iron. The 4 iron head is pictured separately. $375 OBRO shipped CONUS. 2) Used TourStriker Planemate. Includes belt and 3 resistance bands. For full disclosure there appears to be a little cracking of the rubber bands where it meets the rail clips. I tried to capture this in the pics. The price reflects this but there seems to be a lot of life left in them. $150 $125 shipped CONUS. Thanks! Pin 7/26
  5. I go 50, 54 and 58, which 'technically' is my PW, SW and LW. My 9 iron is 46*, so I guess 4 wedges if you translate them into modern day lofts?
  6. Golf is a tough game and in certain parts of this country, an expensive one (not even counting the significant investment in equipment). I think it will taper off in the next couple of years for all the reasons that it was showing slight decreases in participation before COVID. I'm not hoping to get a tee time this weekend, though.
  7. I've used lob wedges in the past, but most of my golf is played on public, 'muni' courses that were built in the 1950-1960's if I would guess. Even if the agronomy has improved, the greens aren't rolling over 10 and they are pretty flat. When I take the course architecture into account, it just just doesn't seem necessary.
  8. In addition to your cutting tool - what about a dust collector? How much do you guys worry about graphite dust?
  9. In my limited experience, I will store the clubs in the "playing position" rested against the wall so that the head doesn't move during curing ( so I guess 'grip up'?). Even though the grip isn't on yet, it is also helpful if you want to maintain a shaft label to club face orientation (logo down or whatever). Did you mention yet whether you check the left-over mixed expoxy the next day to make sure it cured properly? Also - you're not trying to reshaft PINGs are you? Your success may depend on whether you can get the insertion fit of the shaft correct
  10. When I played the Ocean Course, the wind was so strong I felt like I was getting exfoliated by the sand. It was brutal. We had to take a break in a halfway house just to clear our heads. No weather either - just a partly cloudy sky with the craziest wind I've ever experienced. Unfortunately, I don't even remember very many of the holes from that day because getting around the course was so tough.
  11. Hi Everyone, Don't mean to beat a dead horse but just so I'm clear - does this mean you could take a .355 tapered shaft and as long as you use a shim and the G400 specific hybrid ferrule it will fit snug and be centered without any issues? Thanks
  12. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know when PING does repair work on fairway woods/Drivers if they also perform any refinishing of the faces, crown or sole? I'll give them a ring tomorrow if no one knows and I'll post my findings here. Thanks
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