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  1. You can really solicit blow from your looper?! That is pretty freaking epic. This may have made for a more interesting day out in my younger days. I would imagine there is quite a mark up for your run of the mill downtown vegas drug pusher. Still very interesting comment. I would like to hear more about this wild round of golf!
  2. Like others have said it was really mainly that he had an awesome week. His strength was a huge factor in making that rough far less penal for him than other players. I think the main thing that would slow him down is water. If there had been more water he would have been toast. Hitting the ball So far sideways and into other holes fairways can not be completely without repercussions. If he would have found water obviously he would not be able to use his muscles to get out of it.
  3. I prefer the 460ish. TBH with some of the others that have come in just under 460 like the ping g400 and the TM sim I could not tell the difference. But those were only like a 10-15 cc difference.
  4. 6 days a week. Some of those days play 36. Lesson and practice on the 7th! thats the dream!!
  5. Good topic. The problem is like someone mentioned above that a ton of awesome courses are just to short for the us open. Like someone said 7100 yards is to short. Most of the great courses down in Texas are less than 7000 yards. Although with something like the US open in play I’m sure most of them could be lengthened but not all. one that comes to mind would be oak hills in San Antonio. Awesome course that’s hosted some huge events but being built into the urban setting of the medical district no room for lengthening.
  6. CCTxGolf

    2020 US Open

    Zach Johnson would a crazy dark horse winner! He would hold 3 of 4 majors. That would be bonkers. Now that you mention it, it might be the story line I’m rooting for. he would be the most unlikely golfer in the hunt for the grand slam EVER
  7. I don’t think a 10 handicap or greater is going to break 95 more than once on a tour setup over 4 days. as some give pros to much credit some give weekend hacks to much credit
  8. I’ve never played any of them but am very intrigued by these high end “rural” clubs and have done a lot of research. My only thought to add would be that Cimarron and Spanish oaks are very much more in Austin than the others. You will be contending with Austin traffic and “Austin type” of people (see comment about ANGC and Spanish oaks). Without being to contentious and taking broad authority in speaking for most Texans, Austin is much more loved by people from out of state as well as the people that live in that bubble, than it is by the rest of Texans. The others that have been mentioned
  9. I think the main thing is the insane amount of spin that they produce to hold hard fast greens. I don’t think I’m capable of that amount of speed and spin. sort of how LPGA and senior tour conditions are often slower and softer.
  10. It is so freaking nice to not have to watch Bryson this week. That guy makes watching golf hard
  11. I live on the southern gulf coast of Texas there have been some courses make a go of it and ultimately fail. For some reason the golf market just isn’t that great here. id probably chalk it up to a lot of what others have said with the prices of land on the gulf coast barrier islands mixed in with hardcore laws and regulations. Add on top of that average sustained wind speeds in the high teens/low twenty’s for Most of the year and extreme heat. The last great course we had on the beach was La Palmilla in Port Aransas. It was an awesome arnold Palmer Design managed by troon and really seemed t
  12. I’m sure there are multiple companies that do the printing for the different clubs. As far as where they get the blanks I have no clue. I would imagine China but that’s a total guess. Companies like golfteesetc.com and imprintgolf.com deal in tens of thousands of tees per order. I think this is being over thought a little. It’s like if you close your eyes and think of the wooden golf tees in the bowl by the door at your clubhouse. The most normal, average wooden golf tee. Those are the tees that they (most) use. EDIT: This is based on 100% observation over the years at pro events and even pick
  13. The same wooden tees are 99% of the courses they play just different colors and with different course logos on them.
  14. Pros use whatever is in the bucket at any particular course. Always wood
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