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  1. Who all is going to part ways? Schomin gonna get the axe? Bryson gonna walk away?. unfortunately Schomin is probably gonna be the biggest loser here
  2. Yeah thanks. In Wikipedia’d immediately after I made to comment and corrected it. It gets confusing for us Texans. We pretty much raised believing there’s Texas and then everything else is just not-Texas.
  3. Don’t forget Northern Ireland i stand corrected. Northern island is part of the UK. Great Britain is the island including the countries you mentioned
  4. I have Hulu live and enjoy it. It gets all the golf content I need. just a warning on Hulu live is it is not a traditional DVR. You can record shows but it does not let you fast forward through commercials which is VERY lame. ive heard YouTube and sling are better in this aspect
  5. Gotta learn to hit it far if you wanna keep up and make anything of your game competitively. It’s hard to learn to hit it far later. Start immediately
  6. Sounds like as much as he plays and practices he has simply just hit his ceiling. Can’t get any better. there’s a big difference between trying go from a +1 to a +3 and a 15 to a 7. Once you get as good as you can get it’s a lot harder to get fractionally better
  7. This may seem odd but when I walk I putt much better. I chip better in some cases too. I feel that walking up to a green from a fairway I get a much better perception of the movement on the green. Also, I get to watch the ball on the green in great detail for that about 50-100 yards out of walking up to the green. It helps me get a good vision of the putt or chip. it’s weird but it helps me.
  8. Yes! That one is great. It’s got some fluffy fur too. The one with its head in its pouch on the far right of the same pic is funny as well. And the one laid out on its side just above. Man I could go on. What fabulous photos. going to have to put this on the list for sure. thank you!
  9. This is so awesome. My GF was just talking about wanting to see kangaroos in real life. when you zoom in on these photos to each one there is a lot of hilarity going on! They are doing some hysterical stuff. where is this if you don’t mind my asking?
  10. T100s is a players cavity profile played on tour. granted mostly in the traditional t100 spec., but it is still a tour profile cavity back. That doesn’t really scream forgiveness to me in the way that somebody who wanted a middle of the road iron profile (t200) with normal lofts. but hey I’m probably not good enough for either profile really.
  11. Dang those t200’s are freaking strong lofted. Have they always been that strong? Doesn’t seem like they have a middle man in forgiveness with normal lofts
  12. Net Jet ambassador which was a title sponsor and Wayne Just signed a deal with TNT
  13. I think Barkley is becoming one of my favorite television personalities across the board. He comes off as genuinely curious about golf even referencing some of Immelman’s lessons and golf knowledge from the last few weeks. Most importantly He does not pander to any group at all. He has interesting stories that span decades as a sports celebrity across all different players from different sports.
  14. Here is the GSS welded neck for $16k. I like it more. The stuff on the sole ruins the other. interesting that someone noted his actual backup went for $150k. That makes this one worth no where near $75k IMO https://www.tourscottys.com/store/p213/Welded_Neck_Timeless_GSS_350G.html
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