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  1. does your newport beach have a soundslot? or is that just the paint?
  2. I got a bunch of stuff i am trying to thin the heard. Most of this stuff has been bought or traded for on WRX. just looking for cash right now...... Wedge Works SM7 60/06 K low bounce wedge standard L/L basically new, tiny amount bag chatter, custom red ferrule--$225 SM5 set 52/08 F & 58/04 L (scratch on bottom) both standard L/L--- $100 Scotty Cameron Futura S5 center shaft 35 inch custom colors (Tour weights not included, willl include originals)-- $300 Fujikura Ventus 6s new GP grip setup TM tipped 1/2 inch--$250 Fujikura Pro 75 X stiff special
  3. looking for any trades for the range finder?
  4. PUTTERS!!! Trades Welcome but limited.....interests include, cameron putters, M4/M3 driver (low loft), wedge set (prefer forged), Taylor made 2* Hybrid, TM 790s black edition As Always, CA$H IS KING- prices include shipping----paypal is: chaz.anderson@gmail.com Scotty Cameron Select Newport 1.5 custom piant on the back. VERY RARE PUTTER with a bronze chromatic finish and a milled face (see pictures) $275 Scotty Cameron GOLO 5s $215 Scotty Cameron Futura 5s with circle T 10 gram wieghts and added custom paint $320 SeeMore center shaft 35' inch (no headcover) $SOLD Bettinard
  5. looking for any trades? i have a set of regular 790s .....want to get the black heads
  6. any interest in splitting the shafts? i have 790's with tour x-100s
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