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    Not only are the shaft and grip options limited but so are the loft and bounce combinations. I was hoping for a full raw wedge as well but this doesn't seem to be the answer at the moment. Think there is any change they release the raw version without the "MyMG3 Wedge" customizer?
  2. I believe you are correct. When I look at the app it says no handicap, not compliant so I thought I would have to restart with scores again too. Then if you look under requirements, the only one I’m missing is “have at least one handicap revision” so I’m assuming tomorrow everything will be calculated with my old scores.
  3. I played Emerals Hills in the spring this year and was really disappointed in the conditions. Have to think there are better options that that in the area
  4. Another vote for Osprey Point and Jacaranda. Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne is south but a fun track. Eagle Trace is another one where conditions have gone down hill but has some good bones.
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