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  1. My point is you said it couldn't be done at that price. No one cares that you only stay at mansions and eat caviar the whole trip. There are other options out there for the rest of us.
  2. Not doing a hotel room. Staying in an airbnb a couple of blocks from TOC. Link below for the one I chose. We are staying here for the majority of our trip and then staying in a modest AirBNB in Ayre when we go to the other side of the country. Sorry you don't know how to book anything other than a hotel or a old school bed and breakfast. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/19589123?source_impression_id=p3_1635766498_95%2FCjqRGnQ4uvaPz
  3. I booked it for a foursome. If you get the lottery for TOC then everything falls into place pretty easily. But that is just TOC, everything else is as easy to book as going the courses website and using their online tee sheet or sending an email to the club. I booked everything in October for an April trip as October is when St Andrews announces their lottery choice.
  4. Looking for a code if anyone has one. Thanks.
  5. I would say Scotland, but plan the trip yourself. It is easy to book your courses other than the Old Course (which if this is a must have then so be it, but you could always try to join as singles one day). I am heading over in April. Playing TOC, Jubilee, Castle, Kingsbarns, Carnoustie, Western Gailes, Turnberry over 9 days. This is all under $2,200 including lodging and rental car. I had some flight points so all in I am under $2,500.
  6. Who let DeChambeau in here? I bet the people playing behind you have a good time waiting
  7. I guess Tobacco Road isn't as fun if you are a hack like some of these other posters. It is visually intimidating, but the course is wide open. There are only 2 holes where knowing a site line is helpful, otherwise the best part is how creative you can get with your shots. You can take what is in front of you or you can hit over the trouble or over a corner. Tons of options. Also, playing it more than once or with someone else is not needed. I have only played it once and with people who had never played there before and the 30 second spiel from the starter gives you all you need to know. the rest of the story is up to you.
  8. There is only one answer to this question. There are plenty of courses that will blow you away with aesthetic appeal/views, historical prominence, unworldly good conditions. However, if you question is solely what is the most fun course to play then the answer is Tobacco Road in NC. It is unlike any other course you will ever play from the site lines to the insane greens. While somewhat target golf, it will have you thinking and playing a style of golf that isn't replicated anywhere else. For reference, I have played Congressional, Interlachen, Ke'olu, Ocean Course, Sage Valley, all the Pinehurst courses, as well as many more prominent courses, but none of them pass Tobacco Road on sheer fun.
  9. We submitted 3 from the same address and had no problem.
  10. I am confirmed from mail in submission!
  11. Yep. I enjoyed that stretch as well. Including the very short #16. Went 1 under through that stretch with birdie on 18. Hit the highest hardest driver cut of my life on #16 to have 50 yards in. Played from the whites since that is what my group was playing so it made getting it up quickly most important. Chose 8 iron off of #17 as I didn’t want to wait for the green to clear. Wish I would of waited and tried.
  12. Just finished my round at Brackenridge. Very unique routing on the back nine. One par 4 has a tree 100 yards off the tee trying to force a 130 yard tee shot followed by a 170 yard approach. Greens could of used some work, but I really enjoyed my round. Very fun course and played well even with the rentals. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
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