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  1. That’s just some sticky left over from some lead tape I took off before taking the pictures. I plan to clean it off before shipping. Club is in excellent condition.
  2. Various items up for sale. Willing to cut deals for purchases of more than 1 item. Only trades interest in would be Ping G400 Max or G425 Max or Tour AD DI shafts for driver or fairway. - TaylorMade M6 9* Driver w/ upcharged Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Black 6x shaft, comes with new M2 headcover I had laying around- $280 SOLD - Odyssey O-Works Black 2W Putter 34" w/ Evnroll Gravity Grip and headcover - $175 $165 - Callaway Mavrik Pro 2 & 3 Hybrids w/ KBS Hybrid 80X shafts, both come with headcovers- $150 each or $270 if you buy both $140 each or $260 if you buy both
  3. American Airlines. It was cancelled by American. It looks like there are still flights, but you now have to divert through London whereas ours was a direct flight to Edinburgh from Philadelphia. Still may try re-booking a flight, but holding off as it doesn't look promising for April and would be one less thing I have to cancel then.
  4. I was scheduled for April 2020 and rescheduled for April 2021. Flight has already been cancelled so will be touching base with the courses here at the end of January to see how they would like to proceed.
  5. I have numerous items up for sale. I would be open to trades if it is the right thing, but not specifically looking for anything at the moment. Ping Shafts: Ping Tour 75 Fairway x-stiff shaft (fits G410 series) - $45 Alta CB 65 Fairway x-stiff (fits G410 series) - $40 Alta CB 70 Hybrid x-stiff (fits G410 series) - $40 I will package any arrangement of these to someone if they take more than one. Full set of Arccos Smart Sensors (13 club and 1 putter sensor) - $50 $25 Ping G410 14.5* Fairway with Al
  6. Understood, but I, along with most who would go over from the USA would not be able to make the trip, quarantine for 2 weeks and then start their golf plans. Got to work. So as far as a golf trip goes it essentially is a travel ban. Hopefully they have the testing protocol in place. Good luck with your plans!
  7. With cases spiking in the USA I just don’t see Scotland/GB lifting the travel ban anytime soon unless something turns around. I’d be happy to be wrong and would travel tomorrow if I could as I am willing to take whatever risk is there, but if big brother isn’t allowing us in I will get no say. Hope everything opens up by then though.
  8. I hate to think we are coming up on this situation again, but after COVID cancelled my plans to Scotland last April and St Andrews allowing us to reschedule our tee time to 2021 it looks like things continue to progress to likely not being allowed to travel due to COVID again through the first half of next year. Anyone hearing anything about if St Andrews and other courses is considering this possibility again into 2021?
  9. I have spoke with three different reps and all three said they can't sell them for another month or so. Any of those who got through want to share who talk with?
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