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  1. Sorry bout that wishon s5 shaft with black Lamkin crossline grip. Standard specs.
  2. Zodia KM Tour US Spec Wedge 52* Gap Wedge for sale. Great condition. Spins too much for me :man_in_love: I'd like $120 shipped.
  3. Kit is complete with cover, tool and 8 weights - 1 4g, 2 6g, 2 8g, 1 10g and 2 12g. 45 Shipped Please mail at [email protected] for faster response. Tks
  4. Some big hitters here! a comfortable 5 iron for me. 170 is actually in between clubs for me. I carry 165 with the 6 iron.
  5. Go warriors! Don't mess with captain Jack cause he'll light you up. If Pietrus was playing Kobe would have faced a little more resistance. Glad we pulled that one out though.
  6. Ogio! I use a Grom but other models they make are good as well. The Woode club divider is the best IMO.
  7. With your swing speed and carry with the driver, it certainly seems like 6.0 is the way to go. But your distance seems to really fall off with the 6 iron. FWIW I swing 90-95 with my driver and carry ~230, but I also carry my 6 iron 160 yds. I am using PX 5.5 BTW. If I were you I'd get the PX 5.5 if dispersion is not an issue with them.
  8. Please don't be that guy at the range with new shiny blades and shanking balls. I don't know why people let their egos get in the way and play stuff they can't handle. Last time I was at the range, I saw a guy with brand new mp-67s and a tp superquad with x-stiff shaft. By looking at his swing I can tell he couldn't break 100 and his equipment wasn't helping thats for sure.
  9. I agree with the chop. I had it on my gw and it just didn't feel right on full swings. Don't get one for your gap wedge. Only for your lob wedge. Thats my suggestion. Ball ballons and distance control is iffy for full swing shots with the spinner shaft IMO.
  10. :) Nice sticks. Very solid choices. Thats a player's bag right there.
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