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  1. Statistician for the PGA or broadcast crew. I love math and stats
  2. I just joined a local club. I have zero prior private club experience. I booked the second tee time this morning, solo. This was to be my first round on the course as a member. The starter let me start early and I was the first one on the course. There were several other foursomes warming up for their round. Fast forward to hole 14 and I see carts flying all around the back 9. It was immediately obvious a shotgun start was kicking off. As I wrapped up 14, I see several carts gathering on 15 tee. I packed it up and left, somewhat annoyed. Is this pretty common? I teed o
  3. > @KC13 said: > > @irish26 said: > > > @KC13 said: > > > Whats everyone's obsession with this guy? > > > > Character is on the cusp of success. Character suffers major setback and looks doomed. Character overcomes setback and achieves happy ending. Sound familiar? > > If we are talking Tiger, sorta/kinda/maybe.... with the exception of 80 PGA Tour events wins to 1 PGA Tour event win. I think there lies the intrigue, and hes also the GOAT. Lol definitely not Tiger. I’m refering to every Hollywood plot ever written. It’s the story l
  4. > @KC13 said: > Whats everyone's obsession with this guy? Character is on the cusp of success. Character suffers major setback and looks doomed. Character overcomes setback and achieves happy ending. Sound familiar?
  5. When Romo first starting throwing around the idea of playing tour events I thought it was a good idea. What harm could it do? And it would definitely garner some excitement that otherwise would not have been there. Now, I'm not so sure anymore. He will likely finish 20+ strokes off the cut line. That's going to bruise the ole ego
  6. Oh no Smylie! Poor guy. Shot a 74 yesterday in the Savannah Championship web.com event. But had a great round going today. Was -4 for the day, sitting right on the cut line heading to the tee box at 18, a par 5 that he birdied in round 1. Then proceeds to double bogey the hole :'( A par would have given him his first made cut in 14 months. But the drought continues.
  7. Down to a 23 now :) I'm going to give it a try. I could use the exercise
  8. Does anyone have experience as a walker in a group in of cart riders? Are you able to keep up with pace of play without having to rush? I would like to start walking more often with a push cart. However, my normal group of players has no interest. If I bought a push cart and walked along while my 3 partners rode in carts, do you think I would keep up? FWIW, my group is probably slower than average thanks to a 71 year old who absolutely must see every putt from all 4 sides.
  9. https://www.golfchannel.com/article/golf-central-blog/bryson-donate-long-drive-earnings-lyles-family/ Granted, the winnings came in the form of a donation to the winners charity of choice. But still a cool move by a guy who could use some positive headlines.
  10. I saw Smylie Kaufman is listed as an alternate. I thought his win back in 2016 got him a full exemption on tour through this year? I'll admit that I'm not very well versed in how the exemptions work though. Edit: I just read the post from Frank that explains this is an invitational. Thanks!
  11. Egotistical? This course is on a razor's edge of playable or not. One half of the field got the playable version while the other half didn't. Don't for one second assume that the earlier groups aren't counting their blessings for getting the better end of the equation. This is not unique to Shinnecock. This happens all the time at PGA events. Guys know that Thursday/Friday tee times can be luck of the draw for course conditions.
  12. IIRC it's the United States Open. The winner will cash a check for almost $2.2 million. It's not supposed to be easy. Heaven forbid a golf course get the best of these egotistical crybabies.
  13. I opened the thread expecting to see photos of peoples bag from the top view lol
  14. are you volunteering? Don't mind him. He's been trolling this thread from the beginning.
  15. This really goes against my thought theory of how I could shoot in the 60s too if I could only play as well maintained courses as the pros.
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