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  1. Thanks much for the reply, happy to give some thoughts if it helps you give advice! I appreciate you taking the time actually. I think for price of home we'd like to be under $1MM if possible. Of course part of that depends on the property tax rate in the area, but that's kind of a guideline. Although we're not looking to move again soon, I think resale is always a key consideration. I'd really appreciate any insights there you have about trends or what may be problematic or an opportunity. On the kid front, we have one in high school, so while it's a consideration we could also
  2. So this weekend we are scheduled to visit Gentle Creek, Lantana, and also Denton CC. Anybody have any other places we should be looking if we were looking for a bit more laid back, somewhat larger lots community with good golf?
  3. Thanks for the confirmation! Do you have any opinion about the membership there? Would you say it’s fairly unpretentious? We toured the facility a couple weeks ago but it’s hard to get a feel for the membership on a brief visit.
  4. Thanks guys! So it sounds like Stonebriar is out. Thanks for the input about Gentle Creek - sounds like an interesting course! We will be in town next weekend so we will check out that one and Lantana probably. What would you guys say is the average age at the clubs I listed? I belong to one now where the average age is around retiree, and while a good golf course it’s not quite the same demographic as my wife and I.
  5. Thanks man we will definitely check that out!
  6. Golf club is most important, ideally inside the community. Important to us tho it’s not an old money club, but also prefer it’s not a Club Corp club as well with a ton of outside tournaments and players if possible.
  7. Hey all! Our family is into golf, and we are moving to TX. I grew up in the Midwest and our family has lived in the Southeast and Midwest before we moved several years ago to CA for work. I was hoping you all could help suggest some golf course communities that might help fit our wish list somewhat based on all your experience. For work I only have to be close to an airport, but we honestly have narrowed the search to either DFW or perhaps Cordillera Ranch just north of San Antonio. For a variety of reasons we really aren’t considering Houston or Austin areas at this time. Thanks VERY
  8. Man, how do you sell putters you got from somebody by selling them fake head covers? That's just wrong. Isn't that the definition of fraud?
  9. Thanks guys!!! I'm definitely going to be shopping for these now with your input. I assume the performance shorts are about the same?
  10. Hey thanks! I appreciate the input. I think I'll have to buy 'em online so that's helpful since I can't find them in person. Would you consider them summer weight or more all season? Im in SoCal, so all season may mean something different to me.
  11. Hey anybody have any experience with Peter Millar pants for golf? They have a number of different pants but none state for golf specifically, so didn't know much. Any help on the following would be really appreciated: Which version of Peter Millar pant do you prefer, if any What other brand that is similarly styled, if a different brand. How do they fit? Run true to size / big / small? Any reviews on 'em. I might buy a few pair and would hate to drop that much coin and then hate them. That's bad for marital harmony as well, he said from experience. I love their shirts, and am a fan o
  12. might look nice with these headcovers... Yes, yes it would!! Those are epic.
  13. Pick up, indeed! In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we named him Juan because he was Juan of Fifty produced and the only Juan at the Scotty Cameron Gallery.
  14. On the coating and the stickiness, I did not try a ball washer - that is a great idea and I'll definitely do that. As for the impact on driver, I only hit it a few times. I do battle a bit of a hook anyway, and thinking back though I did notice several that drew a bit more than usual. That said, I walked out there cold and with no warmup, it might have just been my swing being a bit off as well. I didn't think about the stickiness impacting the driver spin, but that could totally be true.
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