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  1. Hey. Letting this go as I just can’t get long with a plumbers neck. Did have it put into my specs at Spargo Golf in RI. Plays 33” 69/2. Putter is perfect but I know value isn’t the same not in Rorys old specs. Still a good and fun wand if these are your specs. Let’s say $sold shipped OBO. Brand new golf pride cord grip on it as well
  2. Or trade for game improvement irons 3iron is standard loft and lie 4-PW is 2 flat GW Is standard $sold
  3. Hey. Looking for a 54 and 60 pm grind wedge. Thanks.
  4. Morning. Two items on the blocK first good condition ER1TS plays 34” or a touch over depending where you measure. I believe it’s 71 and 5. Has a jumbomax XS str8 tech grip. I like round grip putters and this was cheaper then Edel. Comes with stock headcover $SOLD shipped OBo next is a SM8 60 04L grind. I believe it’s a degree or two flat. Stock wedge shaft. Has a cheap Champney standard size grip on it now. $100 shipped obo
  5. Hey. Looking to upgrade my F8 one lengths. Anyone have any sets? Even wedges too? Whatcha got? Thanks!!
  6. adding as of 4/14/21. Set of 4-PW Titleist 716 TMB irons. Matrix program 130 5.0 shafts. Standard lie and 1/4 short of standard. Good overall condition. $500 shipped obo Hi. New carpet rolled only Evnroll ER1TS 36” 71 lie 5 loft with super stroke wrist lock. Bryson and Kuchar experiment but have a Scotty on the way before I even took it to the course. $275 shipped. This was ordered from Evnroll direct. Shipped usps priority. 8 Lamkin Ace 3gen cord grips. Tried 5 but sticking to my gamer grip. $sold shipped first class mail. Any questions let me know! open to trade
  7. 2020 version of the stroke lab 2 ball. Odyssey calls this a “woman’s” version...because the original grips are skinnier and stock lengths were shorter. Ordered this direct from Callaway at 33.5 length and 68 lie. Stock loft. New traxion 2.0 grip with 50 gram weight port. I took out the original brass weight in shaft. Will ship the 50g and 75g counter weights. Stock headcover as well. $175 shipped OBO. Open to trades. Regular flex items preferred Any questions let me know.
  8. Evening everyone. Good set of Cobra Forged One lengths here. Standard length and standard lie for the one length set. KBS FLT shafts 120. Brand new Golf pride 2g standard size grips. Looking for $425 shipped OBO. Open to trades for other iron sets. Any questions let me know!
  9. Kyoei KK MB irons. Be hard to find a prettier set then these. 4 iron plays 38 3/4 with a modus120s shaft. The 5-PW was just recent built by Jon at Spargo golf in Rhode Island. 5 iron plays 37.75” 60.5 lie. x100 shafts Boyd Microdose ferrules and blue lamkin rel ace grips with 2 wraps. Ill attach photo of full specs. I’m going full one length again. These are too pretty to sit in a bag downstairs. $1025 shipped or best offer if I’m high with $ and you want these I’ll listen Always trade friendly here as well Next up are Titleist U510 2 iron and 4 iron was SOLD. Go
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