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  1. That's a nice looking setup. Do you every hit the projector box in front of you? (I would)
  2. Skytrak/GC2 are launch monitors. They take pictures of the ball, measure spin, launch angles etc and calulate distance, shot shape with that data. Optishot sees the club and ball speed. It's a video game more than a simulator. Can still be fun, but buy once cry once. Get the skytrak, or better GC2 and have fun.
  3. Skytrak doesn't seem to have anything in the pipeline in terms of new hardware. foresight won't limit the GC2 working with TGC, JNPG or others. I wouldn't worry about that and buy a GC2.
  4. I have a sim built in my garage. GC2 and use fiberbuilt or t35 as the hitting mat. I use JNPG sofware currently and hope to move to a new software when its completed late in the summer. I use it to play on the sim tour weekly and play scrambles with friends and family.
  5. GC2 is great for simulation and work on the range. Fun to buy a GCQ, but not necessary.
  6. City and State (US Only): Lakewood, OH Handicap: 8 Current Irons: Mizuno MP5/25 combo set with C-tapers. JPX825pro with KBS tours Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: New design is more appealing. slightly nicer looking profile. If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? Indoor (I own a GC2 and SIM) and outdoor testing with pictures, head to head comparisons.
  7. Are you sure the simulator was measuring spin, and not just calculating it? Many don't measure it.
  8. > @longball said: > They claim to not take advertising money from bigger golf companies but yet find it okay to have ads from smaller golf companies. They make money off affiliation contracts. They put a link up to the club/ball/glove/bag being tested and a consumer makes a purchase after clicking the link then they make a percentage of the sale. > > The biggest one for me is some of the testing is done indoors on a simulator. Not accurate and the simulator can be manipulated to get desired results. They use a GC2 typically and the raw data they post raw data without mani
  9. > @ms244 said: > Interested. What simulator software is this compatible with? Price for just GC2 alone? > JNPG with OGT for awesome tournment play, Ryder Cup, Presidents cup, scrambles as well as great local multiplayer, online muliplayer. TGC is ok.
  10. 1. Where are you located (City, State - US Only Please)? Lakewood, OH 2. Handicap: 8 3. Current Driver: Callaway Epic SZ 4. What driver/fairway specs would you like to test (RH only and stock shaft offerings): 10.5 with HZRDUS Smoke Black 5. If selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing review thread? We require you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? Yes. I will also post numbers from my GC2 on my indoor sim as well as outdoors.
  11. GC2, decent gaming computer and JNPG with OGT tour. You will find wooden tees flying around the room aren’t much fun and may opt for a different teeing system. Lots of mat choices and each had a it’s pros and cons. Try and go with biggest screen you can. Pay attention to aspect ratio. I like 16:10 over 4:3. I think it’s a more immersive experience
  12. Are the ferrules in good shape? Are they collared?
  13. 3 cover set. Used gently and in good shape. $250 OBO. Shipping included in price
  14. TGC is ok. I don't think anyone would call it the 'golf standard'.
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