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  1. Twist face is to help dispersion on off center hits. It's suppose to bring mis hits back towards the center of the fairway. Nothing to do with ball speed as far as I know
  2. To me TB and BF are very similar so far in the three rounds I've been able to test them. I'd say the TB is slightly more consistent and maybe just a touch longer but it is very very close between the two
  3. Awesome. Thx for the insight. I'm also right around 100 mph and love the shape of the speed head over the max ls. Think I might pull the trigger on the Speed with diamana TB shaft. Now just need to wait for the snow to melt...
  4. Interesting. Any noticeable difference in forgiveness between the two heads? Directional wise on off center hits? (assuming spin wasn't too low)
  5. Anyone been able to test the speed vs the max LS? Seems like most people have been leaning towards the max ls after testing.
  6. Nelly Korda still using GBB Epic also. Interesting that they haven't switched into the new models
  7. Apparently reviews are coming in Friday now. Watch Rick Schiels instagram story.
  8. Speed looks very nice. Almost tsi 3 shape. Slightly more stretched back
  9. Any chance you've tested the TB vs the BF or ZF? Thx
  10. Anyone been able to compare the TB to the BF? Currently gaming the BF in my driver
  11. Anyone compared these? Currently playing a diamana bf in my driver and have a tensei ck pro blue in my hybrid. Enjoying both shafts but the ventus has peaked my interest with all of the positive reviews floating around. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Guess I'll keep it unless callaway comes out with something incredible in 2021
  13. I'm still gaming the original Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic driver. Has been a great performer for me over the years. Anyone else still gaming it? Or have you moved on to something better? If so has it been a significant improvement? Looking to possibly upgrade after the winter
  14. If toulon decides to bring this shape out with the plumbers neck I think I'm sold. It's the 1w Odyssey head
  15. What made you pick the scotty in the end?
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