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  1. Anyone compared these? Currently playing a diamana bf in my driver and have a tensei ck pro blue in my hybrid. Enjoying both shafts but the ventus has peaked my interest with all of the positive reviews floating around. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Guess I'll keep it unless callaway comes out with something incredible in 2021
  3. I'm still gaming the original Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic driver. Has been a great performer for me over the years. Anyone else still gaming it? Or have you moved on to something better? If so has it been a significant improvement? Looking to possibly upgrade after the winter
  4. If toulon decides to bring this shape out with the plumbers neck I think I'm sold. It's the 1w Odyssey head
  5. What made you pick the scotty in the end?
  6. Anyone been able to hit these side by side? Thoughts on sound, feel? Don't have a shop near me that carries both. Thanks
  7. I believe this is the exact same size and shape as an Odyssey #1 wide. If so it is much much bigger than the toulon austin. Both front to back and heel to toe
  8. Solid. I played r15 for a bit and have been playing the OG Epic for the past couple seasons. Looking to upgrade this year
  9. Agreed that no other companies offer as many tour heads as callaway currently does. As someone else said though, nearly every company has tour heads. Genuinely just curious what you play
  10. So what golf clubs do you buy?... Seeing as most companies do this
  11. Give me this headshape with a plumbers neck and I'm in. Something to compete with the scotty squareback 2 that's coming out soon.
  12. I'll more than likely still end up buying it to test out. I'm a 100mph guy and naturally play a fade so I'm more so worried that the shaft might be too much for me. I play a 70 S in my driver. Time will tell
  13. This is what I was worried about too. Haven't tested the ZF yet but I've tried similar profiles before and these type of shafts almost kick too much on the downswing for me. Makes it hard to time at impact and causes the lefts. Might have to stick with my BF.
  14. How is dispersion compared to the BF?
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