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  1. I've never been a very consistent iron player so I got the G30 5 and 6 hybrids and love them. It seems like it's gonna be hard to find quality hybrids below a 6. I have a buddy that hits the Thomas hybrids but they seem to be a pretty big step down in quality. Are there any older models that I'm missing in the name brands?
  2. +1 I'm an 8 that doesn't get to play a lot anymore and decided long and straight is more important than looks and feel. Traded my mp-60s for these and haven't looked backed. Definitely a different feel and sound but it's pretty easily forgotten when you see these babies fly. For me personally I wouldn't give up any of the forgiveness for the difference in looks but I doubt you'll be disappointed with either choice. Good luck!
  3. Have a buddy that has a Cobra 7 hybrid. I think it's a baffler but not totally sure. He also has a couple off brand 8 and 9 hybrids he found online. They don't have the feel of a brand name but they do the job for him.
  4. Thanks for the chart John. The tour guys only carrying it 275 at 113 mph is interesting. If that's the case I'm sure I'm not in the ballpark of 260!
  5. Can the stores mess with the launch monitors to make the numbers look better than they are? I just ask because with the cheap driving range balls they had to hit there's no way I should have carried anything that far according to the replies.
  6. I hit the F7 tonight on the monitor and loved the feel and look. Would love to go back and have it fit to see what my numbers would be.
  7. Yeah the 260 carries were only the couple that I hit on the button. I don't have much experience on the launch monitor because I live an hour away from everything so I have no clue what to expect or what's even accurate. I probably averaged 245ish overall. My best balls were with the Ping G and I currently game the G30 so I'm guessing there's not a huge difference between the 2 anyway.
  8. I just caught the launch monitor empty and pretty much hit every driver in the demo bag just messing around. Nobody was around so I couldn't change any driver settings. My question is what can you realistically expect to carry a driver with 100 mph swing speed if it is correctly fitted for you? My swing speed topped out at 100 on the dot and my best carry was around 260. Just wondering how much more you could expect out of that swing speed.
  9. I just noticed Justin Thomas doing this. I'm really inconsistent with the driver unless I tee it low but I feel like that puts so much spin on the ball. Is there something to teeing it higher and hovering the driver?
  10. Ok thanks for the help. I just wasn't sure with the way it's worded on their site.
  11. I bought a set of irons at the end of November at Edwin Watts. It was a dumb move by me because I'm not gonna get many rounds in during the 90 day return period because of the weather here. If I trade them in do I get another 90 days or am I just allowed 2 returns from the original date?
  12. Thanks for the input guys. Long story short I'm trying to build a fundamentally sound swing after years of playing completely on feel. I stood way too far away from the ball and with a daly length backswing. I made some good progress this year but still a long way from where I want to be. I'll try to get a video up when the weather improves around here.
  13. Thanks for the input Monte! I'm new here. I also realize I have a problem with my hip rotation so i believe that's part of it also. I tend to slide instead of rotate.
  14. I also feel it's a reaction from the rotation of the body. I'm just trying to figure out how to get my hands more towards my left thigh at impact.
  15. Just wondering if you actively think about pulling your hands down from the top. I have a problem getting my hands ahead of the ball and didn't know if you actually force your hands down from the top or is it just a reaction?
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