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  1. Looking for a set of Nike VR TW Blades in good shape. Preferably 3-PW and X-stiff but not a big deal if they aren’t, thanks!
  2. Good: Milled Grind Wedges blown away by how good the low and standard bounce grinds are. 2019 UDI thing is an absolute bomber off the tee. The original Tei3 Scotty’s. Tensei Pro Orange shafts Bad: Any stock shafts offered today, go aftermarket folks it’s worth the money
  3. > @BearQ said: > @NikkoAZ15 great results! > > But could this not be accomplished with an extended CLR dip and rub with scotch brite? Thanks! I’m sure there are many other ways you can do it, I just read a previous post in the forum and thought why not give it a shot haha
  4. I used a small amount maybe only 6-8 oz of hydrogen peroxide, 2-3 oz of white vinegar, and teaspoon of salt. Took about 10-15 minutes total, when I put the solution on I had to work it around a little and then once the face was entirely covered I just let them soak out in the sun. The black finish with the raw face is gorgeous contrast!
  5. City and State(U.S Only): Phoenix, AZ Handicap: 1.2 Current Irons: 2014 Taylormade MB’s Favorite feature of the new P790 Irons: They still have that powerful punch from the original p790’s but in an all new slimmer design. Less offset, thinner topline, and a more simplistic look. If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? In a heartbeat, but first I’ll need some clubs?
  6. That non adjustable Gapr looks money, I should of pulled the trigger when I had the chance to buy one
  7. Just saw Taylormade post the new MG 2, so only the face will rust?
  8. Contacted my local club yesterday who has a Titleist account and received a call from them today that they can get me a 34” Newport 2 by September 15th so without hesitation I told them to put in the order. That being said, I was hoping for the Newport so if anyone who received a Newport but was hoping for the Newport 2 and is interested in a trade lmk. I know it is a bit silly floor me to post it this early but I’m sure there are some out there in a similar boat
  9. Have a set of P7TW irons 3-PW with TI s400 shafts, standard length/Tiger lofts and standard size golf pride tour velvet grips(not the cord model) . Have only played 1 round of golf with them and the 3 iron is still in the wrapper and never been hit. Will come with the original box and I will throw in a set of TI x100 shafts 5-PW that I was orignally going to install. Local pickup only, Phoenix, AZ 85083 Sold
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