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  1. Wouldn't the test in Bubba's video post a smash factor of 1.53? Wouldn't that be beyond the max of 1.50? Or am I missing something? Like I am saying the launch monitors and tools don't seem to add up with tests that I have seen with a G30. Including what Bubba tested himself.
  2. Further to this, here is an article here on this site. Perhaps Bubba had a hand of god push his ball beyond this chart. [url="http://www.golfwrx.com/64715/carry-distance-vs-swing-speed-chart/"]http://www.golfwrx.com/64715/carry-distance-vs-swing-speed-chart/[/url] According to this chart a 120 mph swing speed should only have carried 288 yards. His carry of 338 on picture I posted above with his swing speed of 120mph would seem impossible and total rubbish given that the chart says he needs a swing speed of 140mph+ I feel like I am digressing as the whole point was same conditions, same bal
  3. [quote] You said earlier in the thread your swing speed was 113 - 115 with driver, it's 120 now? (I assume you meant 120, not 220) [/quote] On average yes. I presume you don't swing full out with a driver every time you swing do you?
  4. Just for clarification everyone Bubba numbers seem very off from what I have seen. He tested a G30 on a sim in a video with a swing speed of 120mph producing a total carry of 338 yards on a sim. I think you people really need to do some fact checking before spewing emotional rants. The fact that the launch monitor was showing a ss of 113yards with a carry of 311 yards, seems to me to be pretty accurate given Bubba used the same club(well not likely the same club, They didn't mention his loft nor shaft, nor the fact that he is probably hitting a hot version and not one off the rack tha
  5. OK, so just to clarify, this post is and was and remains to be about odd results on a machine with similar swing speeds with one driver out performing the others in terms of spin rates and distance on the monitor. I said nothing about the conditions I play under. For example, I have stiches on my finger and was taking a bit off of my swing for that and also was wearing a pair of crocs at the time. I will typically swing my driver at about 220mph and have no problems under the right conditions driving a 350 yard par 4, if I manage to hit the fairway. As for quitting my job and working on my sho
  6. Thanks, if anything I said violates, please remove them.
  7. Yah it was at a golftown. I don't really put a lot of fath in monitors at all but it was odd that the results were so consistent within testing each club and that the results were so far off skewed from one club to another.
  8. [quote name='MelloYello' timestamp='1427232486' post='11207929'] 112mph swing speeds do not hit 350-yd drives with modern equipment on flat ground at normal elevations. Launch monitors often do (or can be set up to) lie and that is I believe the case here. You should check your facts because what you're claiming is impossible and is offensive to everyone on this site because you're trying to pass it off as reality as though we're too naive to notice. So maybe I'm offending you, but you're offending most everyone who reads the thread. Have a nice day and good luck on the links! [/quote]
  9. [quote name='MelloYello' timestamp='1427230908' post='11207763'] No, no, no....all of that only seems rational because of the laws of this universe, which we're used to. The poster doesn't necessarily come to us from this universe. We don't know yet. But good news everybody.... ...recent evidence now suggests that there is another universe and they like golf too!!! [/quote] Once again, I am not too sure why you are getting off on throwing insults? Does that make you feel like a big boy?
  10. [quote name='MelloYello' timestamp='1427230726' post='11207741'] What?! The kid gets 2400 rpms on two other drivers (normal numbers) and then magically gets 1400--an insane number on its own right--on another (nearly identical) driver? I'll spare him the insults but with with 110-115 mph swing, this kid has never hit a 350 yard drive in his life. [/quote] No Offense, but without you knowing who I am your ignorant and rude comment and an out of cheek insult to call a 30 something year old "this kid and to say I have never driven a ball 350 yard sin my life is both ill-informed, ignora
  11. Oh yes the azimuth I wrote down down on the ping, it should be 3.4 not 13.4 and its -.7 not -7
  12. Plugged in some of the numbers and they seem to be around 330 yards for any of the ones registering 351, and 330 seems to be more of what I would have expected. One of the things I do tend to see is a lot of roll. I tend to hit a pretty low penetrating ball flight. I plugged in one of the 350 yard shots into that launch program and these were the numbers 167.5 Luanch speed 14.6 V .2 H Altitude 500ft spin 1250 R 5 deg Hard surface Total 341.4 carry 281. roll or 60 yards. The same results from the other monitor were 311 carry and 351 total, roll of 41 yards
  13. [quote] Those numbers are not accurate. Sorry man 112 mph doesn't produce 351 yards of distance. Try a different LM. You're right at the PGA tour avg swing speed. PGA tour averages 270 carry 290 total. I'd imagine you'd be right around there in real course conditions. [/quote] On the course, if a par 4 is under 350 yards the driver stays in the bag as I would rather lay up to 110 yards. I have routinely been able to drive greens at 350 yards. I am not saying the number are right or wrong, in fact I am actually agreeing that they seem messed up to me. Of course if I hit the ball perfectly e
  14. Yes the roll is 20 yards further than the others, but was also consistent across each of the shots with the ping. The whole thing seemed weird to me. Realistically I think the only thing I have been able to come up with is the numbers all seem weird to me and that I need to actually get out there with my cousin and a bag full of shafts and heads to try out.
  15. I want to get out to another store with the same head and shaft(its a stock stiff 9.0) so shouldn't be too hard to find and see how it hits. Perhaps it just has a hot face or something. Not too sure. I was a bit baffled by the numbers hence why I posted the results here for comment.
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