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  1. wow thats a great looking set. wish i had the skill level to hit those blades good luck with the sale
  2. What is the inside lined with? would be interested in the carbon ironman. it looks like it has cracks???
  3. I have the 0811x in the Gen2 with a 12 degree. absolutely the best driver i have ever tried and most forgiving. i have a mid 90s swing speed.
  4. I think this is perfect advice. Add on that the irons are about the toughest to gauge skill level to own. I bought a set and tried to grow into them, but I do switch back and forth. The wedges and other clubs are easy to hit though
  5. My putter shaft has a bend towards the end and wanted to know if I could match this to my shaft
  6. Very nice set. i would definitely be interested if i didnt have 2 sets already
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