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  1. I think the real question is whether the official Masters YouTube channel gives BAD the Patrick Reed treatment for the video thumbnail if he ends up winning:
  2. If the goal is to long-ball proof the course (rather than Bryson-proof), I'd shorten it up so that the Corey Pavins of the world can compete. 6200 yards tops, rough short, greens firm. Bryson hitting a wedge from 40 is similar to a short-knocker hitting a wedge from 70 (at least is my hope). And I say that the difference would be 30 yards because Bryson wouldn't necessarily want to hit driver. As for the poster who said to post a sign that says "No Brysons Allowed", the first thing that came to mind was the "No Homers Club" - "We're allowed to have ONE".
  3. Why is it assumed that the rules will affect the 60 million regular joes and not be limited to the Tour level?
  4. personally, i think it is very boring to watch driver wedge driver wedge. I like to see shaped shots with long to mid irons, and having to go around trees rather than through them.
  5. How did I never see that before? Well done!
  6. Maybe surprisingly, but most people in the 1% of the US are a hell of a lot closer to being dirt broke than they are to people like Jeff Bezos, but I digress. I think there is a chance that Bryson may have grown up poor, but with his recent concerns about "protecting his brand", the way he made an effort to thank his sponsors in every interview he did, and just the general way he is happy to be called the "Scientist", I wouldn't be surprised to learn that he was not fact "poor" growing up, but did eat a bologna sandwich from time to time - who hasn't?
  7. I had never noticed this before until I saw this thread and then watched the coverage this weekend. Not that I like Feherty before (the cooky, bedraggled persona comes off as disingenuous to me), but now I can't listen to him at all!
  8. He needs a Tom Watson 2009 British Open-like performance. Masters, British, or especially a US Open would solidify his position as one of the games all-time greats.
  9. It's a shame that the sexiest Tour iron of all time was cropped out of this photo.
  10. Probably sent that deep into his second bottle of Caymus.
  11. In reference to someone's caddy: ", who is a great player in his own right."
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