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  1. Not sure he is my favourite, but as a youngster in the 90's I always had an affinity for Gene Sarazen. I loved the plus-fours, and his soft spoken demeanour. The fact that he became the first player to win the Grand Slam and also invented the Sand Wedge is icing on the top. I suppose I didn't see too much of him playing in competition (on TV, of course), but I do remember him mostly from hosting Shell's and from holing out at the Postage Stamp at 68 years of age.
  2. I've wondered what is the fairest way to equalize the length advantage that men have for a given course, to be played against women, and have come to the conclusion that it is impossible. If you try to set up the course by adjusting tee locations such that men and women will have the same distance for their second shot, then the men will still have the advantage as they would be hitting shorter irons. If you set up the tees so that the women on average will be hitting the same club into greens that the men would, then surely they will be facing very different challenges off the tee and it wo
  3. The money is there, but where is it going? Perhaps building a new PGA Tour Headquarters with a moat is a bad look. https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/foster-partners-unveils-design-new-pga-tour-headquarters
  4. If you're referring to me, far from it. I was against the SGL due the bonesaw money, but I'm all for something new as an alternative to the PGA Tour. I don't have a horse in the game, but I do find it strange that people would come outright and say they wouldn't watch it (which I don't believe) before they have even seen what it would be. To each, his own.
  5. You mentioned you do no interest in "teams" of golfers. Does that mean you don't like the Ryder/President/Walker/NCAA/Solheim cups? For me, I'd at least like to see what this is all about in reality before poo-pooing the idea. Surely can't be less interesting that some of the weeks on Tour.
  6. But why? Assuming you know that this isn't the same as the Saudi-backed project. 48 players, on teams, vying for 20M each tournament with the worst player guaranteed to take home 150k? If you've watched Formula 1 in recent years, you will know that this kind of model can be successful.
  7. starting to look like this thing really has legs now.
  8. Seems like smoking really does stunt your growth.
  9. potentially jeopardizing the tournament for the 4 others he played with today - totally support this withdrawal. https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/06/05/jon-rahm-positive-covid-19-memorial-six-shot-lead/ "But it has yet to be determined who will play in the final round. The PGA Tour is conducting a contract tracing investigation. Rahm played with Morikawa and Xander Schauffele in the morning and Cantlay and Scheffler in the afternoon."
  10. who is crusty? Do you mean Herschel Krustovsky?
  11. Maybe the person he was supposed to play with likes to wear an outdated-fit, red baseball cap with Times New Roman font white letters on the front, and figured he wouldn't get along with him or her. Make Rory Great Again.
  12. In the past couple @nolayingup podcasts (including the one that came out today with Bones) Soly is theorizing that there are some courses on tour that favor left hand players and that because there are so few left hand players compared to right hand players, an excellent LH player such as Phil has a distinct advantage over the field. Bones tended to agree with him. Being a left hand player myself, I thought that this does not make a lot of sense - what does the side from which you approach the ball have to do with how a course plays? It looks the same from the tee and from the fairway f
  13. I voted yes, as the poll didn't say how many tries or that those tries could allow for more benign wind conditions. So given 1000 tries I'm confident that my 7-8 handicap with 270 carry could break 100.
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