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  1. Finch has just a teensie-bit of Aussie bias to his coverage.
  2. Did a Getty search for Riviera and came up with some good hits. Stretching the theme of this thread a bit, but it's all in good fun. 1. Imagine Tiger wearing a credentials badge these days. 2 and 3. Patrick Reed eat your heart out 4. Wonder if he pulled it off 5. Hogan, 1947. 6. Julius Boros early 70's - who says golfers aren't athletes? 7. Demolition Man 8. Imagine seeing Walt Disney sitting on the side of a hill at a golf tournament. 9. Riviera Clubhouse fire
  3. If he broke multiple sets of irons, do you think he did 14 or 16 (2x7 or 2x8) clubs over one knee at a time, or 14 or 16 clubs in a row? Do you think he switched knees in the process or did a top of knee and bottom of knee kinda thing? Started with the short irons and worked his way up to the top of the bag so that they got easier as he fatigued? So many questions...
  4. I haven't read LOTR in 20 years and still can sing the Tom Bombadil song to the tune I created in my head. What a cool character. On the subject at hand:
  5. You had me up to Tom Bombadil. I started the Silmarillion but never finished it.
  6. So is the 12th hole at the Masters where he dunked it twice the Balrog, and Butch Harmon the butterfly that summoned the eagle?
  7. What a great position you are in at the top. Classic.
  8. a good deal less upskirt photos in this thread.
  9. you seriously couldn't imagine DJ winning one PGA and one Open in the next 20 years?
  10. Okay, that's fine then. I thought you were playing both sides un-sarcastically.
  11. sounds like you are a P Reed fan.
  12. I don't think anyone would ever crucify Reed for "begging for a ruling".
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