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  1. I agree with the comments about positioning the team as underdogs. As a poster mentioned above, there is no downside to being an underdog - only upside. Americans have frequently crumbled under the pressure of being the better team in many Ryder Cups of late, so if I were them I'd be pumping up the Europe side as much as possible to put more pressure on them. You can see this also in F1, where the two top teams (Mercedes and Red Bull) are always saying that the other team has the advantage on a particular track or is the better car. Less pressure on the player/driver to perform, the more they can play their own game and go for the kill. In recent memory, only Tiger has been able to keep the crown, while fighting off would-be assassins.
  2. I'd be interested in some action on anyone who thinks either Berger or Scheffler will have a losing record for this Ryder Cup.
  3. is dottie in the booth? I thought i've only heard judy rankin.
  4. I know it is early, but does anyone else think that the "patriotic" pomp and fanfare on the first tee is more of a detriment to good, consistent match play than anything else?
  5. Disregard - the graphic now says the hole is 394y which makes a lot more sense.
  6. I have to say that this is a pretty exciting start so far, though I don't understand why after hitting drivers they are hitting from 130-160 yards into the first green on a 306 yard hole. Also, Balionis either needs to steer into the pomp or go more formal when announcing the matches. Halfway doesn't work.
  7. Will be great for the Tour if they can get out of their own way, and let the human side come through without the Jimmy Roberts narrative.
  8. Can you still hear the player-caddie convo with the mute button?
  9. I think an interesting sub-plot to this is World Golf Ranking manipulation in weaker field tourneys common to the European Tour. I believe this is something that is going to be revised for next year anyway, as players were able to be ranked much higher than they rightly should.
  10. Might have seen another one of those deadly ants from last year, and decided to take matters into his own hands this time.
  11. Imagine pros today playing with plastic bags over your socks like Palmer was. Would never happen - and yes, I'm aware they make waterproof golf shoes now.
  12. "...It's gonna run out 4 yards on a 6mm green density" (which is not measured in length), "and 4.1 yards on a green with 10mm density". Seems Bryson should have been less concerned with these significant digits and more concerned with hitting a par 5 green from 40 yards out a la Bay Hill.
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