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  1. Mainly selling because I have issues! Haha. But I just got some new p770s which I like about the same as these but I’m gonna give em a chance.
  2. Mizuno jpx 919 tours 4-pw. These are in very good condition I played them for one season. They have oban ct 115 stiff flex shafts in them. No shaft labels but I took a picture of the shaft stickers under grip before I put grips on. Swingweight with lead tape is d3/d4 without lead tape is d1/d2 I can peel it off and clean up if you would prefer. Standard length bb&f co ferrules. Have to be lowest launching shafts I ever hit and pretty darned smooth. I would split up if I have buyer for both but would prefer to sell. Trade interests would be titleist t100 Ping blueprints new Taylorma
  3. I wish I had a tour issue swing and it made sense for me to game those callaways. 100$ a head seems like a heck of a deal. GLWS
  4. Yea seems like a helluva deal. Bet these are so smooth. I am about to buy these to see if my joints feel better after smacking balls around all day.
  5. Sorry shafts are dynamic gold s300s in the Taylormades and I don’t know anything about the finish or who did it but they look cool.
  6. Mizuno HMB/MB combo set 4-pw. 760$ shipped. 4-6 are hmb and 7-pw are mb. Pretty much the best combo set ever made. Haha. They are matching serial numbers. They have kbs c taper 120 stiff shafts in them. There is no shaft bands on them but I took a picture I saved em and stuck em on a piece of paper. They have been pured and the pure stickers are on the paper too. Standard length loft and lie d3 swingweight pw is d4 2012 Taylormade tour preferred mb iron set 220$ shipped. 4-pw standard length loft and lie. Shafts and grips are brand new. One round of golf on these grip
  7. This is a very nice combo set. Been played a bit for sure but well taken care of little bag chatter but other than that their in very good shape. The 4 and 5 iron are p790 and the 6-pw are p750s. They have KBS $ taper shafts with some sweet golf pride z cord grips on em. The 6 iron has a different ferrule as u can see in pics. It same size and tough to notice both have a single chrome strip but 6 iron is on the top. Standard length loft and lie but I can bend to whatever specs u would like.sold
  8. I absolutely love that it doesn’t refresh back to the top of the screen everytime I go back from viewing a topic!
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