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  1. I've really considered doing this myself. I love my 18 degree driving iron and don't want to give it up, but definitely need some more versatility for 200+ shots out of less than perfect lies. Question is - do you drop the 4 iron in favor of the 22 degree? Seems like 22 degree hybrid to 5 iron might create a large gap in the bag
  2. Could not agree more with Joe's assessment of the D grind
  3. This isn't true, the D grind does have heel relief, it just has a lot more bounce than the M grind. D grind is essentially an M grind with more forgiveness off soft conditions, but harder to play opened up in firmer conditions. I know because I play my D grind open 90% of shots around the green and 100% of the time in the bunker.
  4. The D grinds is like cheating out of the bunker, a lot more bounce than the S grind. You definitely have to be a bit more precise it the S grind in the bunker (I have an S grind in my 54). Try opening up the face on the S more to engage more bounce and that should help. Otherwise, go back to the D grind for bunker use. S is definitely better IMO for square face full and partial shots from the fairway
  5. Why would that be crazy? I'm only around 110SS and use a KKDC 80TX in my driver. Probably giving up a few yards but find more consistency with a heavier driver shaft.
  6. I still have my 2016 8.5 T.I. head that I'll never sell. It's absolutely the longest driver I've ever played, it just has another gear I've yet to find in another driver. However, I'm way more consistent with my M5. With the M2 the "big miss" was always there often enough to make the big distance not as appealing over time. Every now and then I pull it out for a round and it absolutely still has it and will keep up with anything new out there.
  7. I bought several shafts from JT and they always exceeded my expectations in ship time. Haven't purchased in over a year though, so possibly things went downhill, but I personally never had anything but great experiences.
  8. You're spot on - it's the Indian. But this Indian with a Vokey D-grind arrow seems to be much more consistent than the Hi-Toe arrow ever was. Glad it's working great for you @bogeypro , you must be a much better wedge player than I am - at least with the Hi-Toe
  9. 18 degree U45 and off the tee it ranges from 240-250 on "good" strikes. It gets the ball up there, so downwind it can really go - I've used it a few times as a "safety" club to be short of a hazard only to find myself right in said hazard. Off the deck it's a good amount less - more like 230 at most. I use this club to bridge gap from my 4 iron to 4W. Can effectively choke it down to take enough off for 220-230 gap where 3 iron would be.
  10. I get crushed into the wind playing a fade off the tee as well. Then I try to change to my swing into the wind and it gets ugly. Only time I ever want to go back to playing a draw off the tee.
  11. I'm struggling with this spot currently (210-215 club). Love the 745 4 iron, but find that it spins up on me quite a bit and is not effective in windy conditions. It's a shame too because I hit it very well, but it just gets clobbered into the wind for some reason. In ideal conditions it's great and carries the number I need, but it just doesn't stand a chance in the wind. Tried the U45 23 degree - but don't find it any better - launches higher and is very forgiving, but doesn't really cover any more distance than even my 745 5 iron - really weird results for me. Now
  12. Pulled the trigger on a used 545 iron that I'll pull the head off and re-shaft. Hoping I finally hit what I'm looking for with it. Still very shocked that the U45 23 degree didn't get it done, especially with how long the U45 18 degree is for me.
  13. It's a good question you ask - think it's because that iron is really close to the "top" of my set - next club up is a U45 2 iron which is "too much" when I only need 210. think the fact that the ball is traveling further also give wind more time to influence it vs. say a 170-180 shot. The spin really become a compounding distance issue the longer the ball has to travel. Just need a more penetrating option between the 2i and 4i that gives me better consistency in the wind. Again, this is not a problem in calm conditions and love it 80% of the time - just need a little less spin
  14. Currently play Srixon 745 4i-PW. Love them and I'm currently tinkering with the 4i spot (210-215 club). Love the 745 4i and find it more than forgiving enough to be in that spot. I get plenty of height and spin, so this isn't a speed problem. The problem seems to be too much spin, This isn't a problem in calm conditions, but any amount of wind and I find the 745 4i gets absolutely crushed. I'll see the flight balloon way up and 'm often faced with a shot well short of the green on flushed shots. Tried the U45 23 degree figuring it might bring some spin down due t
  15. Going to the TM Spider Tour X with the slant neck has been a game changer for me. For years I struggled to make a face balanced mallet work and I was just so inconsistent. Now I understand why - that straight back straight through method just isn't realistic for putts of all distances. The Spider Tour X allows for my natural putting stroke to work and is unbelievable forgiving. Distance control is excellent as this putter still has great feel and responsiveness. Best putter I've ever owned and by a wide margin.
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