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  1. M2 has that magic high toe no-spin / high launch spot that has created some of the longest drives I've ever hit. I have literally had several drives go over 400 yards with that head and I'm only a 115mph swinger. That being said it's just not as forgiving as my TSi3. M5 that replaced it was also a lot more forgiving.
  2. just a different club altogether. The UW at 21 degrees for me spins over 4000 rpms whereas the driving iron is about 1000 below that with a more penetrating flight. What that means is the driving iron has another gear of about 20 yards off the tee for me
  3. Funny I also have a Srixon 18 degree utility (U45) which I love but have to drop when I put the 21 degree UW in play. Really miss the U45 as a tee option but the UW is just so good from the deck. Will be course dependent on which sees the bag unless I choose to drop a wedge in the future.
  4. What is this T-handle grip removal tool you speak of?
  5. 2016 M2 Tour Issue Deep Face 3HL (16.8*). ^^ these things are/were legendary. I see near-driver ball speeds with this thing at 4W loft. Will play it until it breaks.
  6. Yes, it takes the spot of my Srixon U45 18 degree that I LOVE. This club is just a lot more versatile on approach shots for me. Tee shots U45 wins all day, but this club can be flighted down pretty impressively, so not giving up so much.
  7. No, I love my 4 wood, still rocking the 2016 M2 HL - it's a cannon and won't leave the bag until it breaks. I've seen several others in this thread go 17-21 exclusively below driver, but I have not tried myself.
  8. I also play a Srixon 545 4i at stock loft (22 degrees), the 21 degree UW is perfect. I feel 19 would have left too big of a gap between the 4i. For reference my carry numbers are below for these (2) clubs. 19 degrees would have gotten too close to my 4W and too far from the 4i 22 4i - 210-220 21 UW - 230-240
  9. Sounds like similar uses / needs for the UW and DI as me, except I carry the extra wedge. While both can kind've do similar things, they definitely have different applications. Gets me thinking of going back to a 46/52/58 setup in lieu of my current 46/50/54/60 setup. I just take too many "full swing" shots with my 50 and 54 to justify losing one right now.
  10. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on the 21. Fits great between my 4W and 4i and way more versatile than my 18 degree Srixon U45 was. Although I do miss the driving iron off the tee quite a bit. I see you also have an 18 degree driving iron - where does the 21 UW fit in relation to that?
  11. The 5-series Srixon irons make great driving irons, they are actually a little "hotter" than their U-series counterparts in my opinion. The U-series definitely are a good amount more forgiving and launch higher, but for max distance my 545 4i is super hot.
  12. Great feedback, thanks for the response. I'm currently in a Rogue White 60tx which I really enjoy - so sounds like I'm now need to try the Trono if you also liked the Rogue White. Thinking I will start with a 65X - gonna keep my eyes peeled on eBay, looks like they can be had reasonably there
  13. Interesting, because the Trono in my Apex UW is very smooth, I wouldn't call it very stiff at all when swinging. It can feel still with the "waggle" test, but does not feel that way in the swing. Like I said it wants to swing itself. Guess there has not been much experience with this shaft in driver on this forum, may just have to find a second hand one to try and report back on my own.
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