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  1. Can't say enough good things about my 60.12 D grind. Even with 12 degrees of bounce, it is extremely versatile and I feel like I can use it in all be the firmest of hardpan conditions (which I rarely see). It is automatic out of the bunkers and has been a get-out-of jail free card for me around the greens. Never use it for full shots, but very good on pitches <80 yards into the green where I need the height and stopping power of a 60
  2. I feel with the modern day lower spin fairways, a 4w is more appropriate for most. I don't need a 3w that can go as far as my driver when you nuke one. Also 4w gives me confidence to have negative angle of attack and still maintain a decent launch angle into greens. Being slighting negative with fairways leads to much greater consistency IMO vs. trying to almost pick it clean / sweep.
  3. Said this many times, but my 2016M2 8.5 head is the longest driver I've ever played and it's not real close. It just has that "freak" ball in it that launches high with no spin and just goes forever It also can be a bit wild on off days. My TSi3 can still can out there too, but is a lot more consistent. Added adjustability to dial things in is huge as well.
  4. Don't sleep on the D grind, it has a lot of bounce but the sole design keeps it plenty versatile. I have no problems with it for shots around the green and it is sooo forgiving in softer conditions and fluffy sand.
  5. I played the 2016 M2 in 8.5 loft for 2.5 seasons, it is undoubtedly the longest driver I’ve ever played. It is capable of the freakish high launch knuckleball that just goes and goes and goes. It also can be pretty wild on an off day. For every freak shot, there is a shot I feel like I should have gotten away with more on. The TSi3 for me is a lot more forgiving in this regard. I get a nice low penetrating flight with the TSi3 and it is the best looking driver I’ve ever played. M2 looks like a beach ball in comparison. I feel like the TSi3 delivers consistent launch and spin
  6. Definitely worth a try. The 2.0 is a beast of a shaft, laser show for me with it. Very consistent and doesn't want to go left either.
  7. Think visually if you loved your 745's the ZX7 would be much closer with the more squared off toe vs. the more rounded toe of the 785s. Can't comment on performance, but will say I think that if those looks are important to you it may be worth looking ZX7
  8. manima1

    TSi3 or TSi2

    Only have hit the TSi3 which I currently game, but all i can say is this thing is as forgiving as any driver I've played previously in the last decade (915D3/2016M2/2017M1440/M5). TSi2 might be more forgiving but that is not to say TSi3 is unforgiving. In fact, up and down the face I've noticed TSi3 maintains a pretty consistent spin window, nothing ever balloons. If high ball flight is something you struggle with, TSi3 can help flatten that out significantly. It's been a great driver for me so far in 2021.
  9. Honestly you should also check out the Srixon 7-series irons. I honestly don't find a huge difference in forgiveness between the 5 and 7 series. The 5's do help in the longer irons with launch however
  10. I had the same predicament in the 4 spot. 745 4i just spun too much into the wind and not enough separation from the 5i, U45 4i went high but also not far enough. 545 4i is has been the answer. This thing is very hot, launches high and far. Perfect bridge from 5i to the U45 2i for me.
  11. Sounds like the SIM is just a bad fit for you in the specs you have it currently configured in. I can tell you it is significantly lower spin than your 917, two very different drivers
  12. Tensei Raw AV White Proto 2.0 is as antileft as any shaft I've ever played.
  13. All I can say is that you folks that actually tip this shaft are complete beasts. My untipped 65TX 2.0 is far and away the stoutest shaft I've ever gamed, you need to bring it every time. Love the results, but might not be the most friendly on "off" days.
  14. I'm the same speed and it's definitely the stoutest shaft I've ever gamed. Lofting up has made it a bit more playable, but smoothing one out there isn't really an option with this setup. I have a 65tx raw blue on deck (I know drastically different) that is going to get a shot next.
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