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  1. In Florida, you always have the chance of significant rain (also applies to NC/Pinehurst). For a short trip, a washout would be a huge bummer. In AZ, almost zero chance of rain. Florida, especially Streamsong, has very little going for it in the food/drink/nightlife category, if those things mean anything to you, while Scottsdale is a non-golf destination as well as a golf destination and has those in abundance. For courses in AZ, Southern Dunes and Wekopa stand out, and you could do 36 at Southern Dunes probably with a decent replay rate. Grayhawk is a great facility for 36, but
  2. It's Florida. Unless you play Streamsong or Black Diamond Ranch or something on big water you aren't getting scenic views.
  3. The par 3s are long but not particularly interesting.
  4. Just one more contributor to the overwatering soggy conditions. Arizona is a desert. But here's some courses you should strongly consider: Arizona Grand, Western Skies, Coyote Lakes.
  5. Painting golf courses is bizarre. I prefer my women without makeup. If they need makeup, not interested.
  6. Well I wasn't a fan, for no particular reason than I hate that all sports are going to the big guys. But it's gonna happen, and you can't really blame the big guys. Plus he appears very well liked among his peers, which is a pretty good sign for anyone. If all he cares about is majors, well he's doing pretty well with that, and that's been Tiger's mantra since he was 2.
  7. SIM driver, 3 wood, 19*, 22*, 25*, 28*, 7-SW Cally SuperHybrid 17* Resisting 2 ball Triple Track, but there's zero chance I won't get one...
  8. Well, Apache Stronghold is a fantastic course layout wise, conditions always in doubt, and unless you want to spend your nights at what appears to be a mediocre casino you won't have anything else to do, truly middle of nowhere.
  9. I would add that although the vibe is family friendly, they do a good job with separating pools so there are kids/adult areas.
  10. The only “long” hybrid anyone needs is the lowest lofted one, the others are just fitting gaps. I’ve had great success with several 17* ones - currently Cobra F8, Ping, Titleust H1 19* turned to 18*.
  11. The resort is nice, has a little more of a family vibe than some, good in-resort restaurants. The courses are decent, perhaps a little overpriced. I much prefer the Faldo course to the Palmer.
  12. Southern Dunes, it's the one of the best regardless of location and isn't far off the highway in Maricopa, about 15 miles south of Phoenix.
  13. I guess the question is whether he hit the Callaway 130 and got good numbers, shouldn't matter whether it's real deal or not...
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