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  1. Fear of going low. By the time you're breaking 80 consistently you should be able to execute the basic shots you need to go low. For me it wasn't range time, but learning complete focus and at first ignoring the flag and shooting at the center of every green. Anyone should be able to 2 putt from the center of the green, so you just need 1 drive in play and 1 good iron shot per hole and that's it. 2 good shots and 2 average putts. Not perfect, not great, not heroic, just boring and playable. Once I figured that out and broke par for the first time, I shot 69, I preceded to shoot in the 60
  2. Player A tried to turn his back and walk away. Player B then jumped him, Player C tried to intervene and dad tried to swipe him with a putter for trying to break it up.
  3. Former +2 trying to get back there after some layoffs and hand problems. I've restarted and completely lost my swing so I'm back to basics again too. Some books that have helped me are books 'Every Shot Counts' by Mark Broadie, 'The Elements of Scoring' by Raymond Floyd, and 'Golf is my Game' or 'on Golf' by Bobby Jones Every Shot Counts is by the guy that invented strokes gained. It tells you what, where, and why of scoring well. It breaks some commonly held beliefs, ie. 'drive for show, putt for dough.' Elements of Scoring tells you the how of scoring and course m
  4. Monte's 'Plane and Release by Feel' did it for me. I went from shaft beyond parallel with a wedge to 45 degrees with wedge to parallel with driver. Feeling how to turn correctly on plane and feel your right arm work correctly, your body will respond by only being able to coil so much and the arms physically can't overswing if you're doing it right.
  5. SYB 3 wood sold. Make me an offer on YES! putter, looking to have them both out the door tomorrow.
  6. This is one of my spares. Have bought several off of Rakuten, nothing can kick them out of the bag. I had my gamers hot melted and they make a perfect thwack sound like my old 906 fairways.
  7. Yes! Holley i4-Tech putter. Final run of Yes! putters, super soft, same shape as Tracy II. In mint condition with matching headcover. $140/obo SYB FC-714 3-wood. 43", mint condition, comes with factory Mamiya 4-axis shaft, 5.5 flex. $95/obo SOLD!
  8. I got diagnosed last year at 32 with Bipolar II. Where Bipolar I is Manic-Depressive, II would be more Depressive-Manic so in some people it is easier to hide until it blows up. I never made it far in tournament golf undiagnosed as I would blow up at the first sign of distress and absolutely lose it mentally. Looking back I can now see the signs of how it affected my ability in all things including golf right back to childhood. Honestly, to be a tour level tournament golfer would be a lot harder with Bipolar. One week you could be up, the next down, and god forbid something sets you off.
  9. Seemore price drop $125/shipped, Ping Piper C price drop $45/shipped, Mizuno bag $75/shipped. Can be in the mail today. Add $5 west of Mississippi.
  10. Final price drops on Seemore Z3C, Tour AD shaft, MR-23 irons, Mizuno stand bag, Ping Piper C. Shoot me an offer, ready to get this stuff out the door!
  11. Markdowns happening on remaining items, no reasonable offers refused. Seemore Z3C, Tour AD shaft, MR-23 irons, Mizuno stand bag all remaining and priced to move.
  12. Seemore One CS, Power Package, Yes Tracy II sold. Imagine I'm an instagram model and you're a creepy 40 something with a foot fetish and slide into my dm's as quick as you can with an offer. Looking to move product!
  13. KBS shafts and Scotty grip sold. Looking to move product, slide into my DM's, no reasonable offers refused.
  14. A bit of everything and everything must go. Best offers accepted, all prices are shipped prices, items ship Priority Mail Tuesday AM. Seemore Z3C Nashville, fresh Garsen grip, 350G, 35", Milled in USA. $200/obo $170/obo $150/obo Seemore Nashville ONE CS, New Pure Seemore Grip, 350G, 35", Milled in USA $200/obo Sold! KBS C-Taper Lite S-Flex pulls, 3-PW, Std. Mizuno length, new-ish Tour Velvet grips. 1 pull has hot spot, all others clean, no bent tips. Labels uninstalled. $100/obo. SOLD! Ping Scottsdale TR Piper C, 34", 365g, fresh Pingman midsize cord grip. $80/obo $65/obo $55
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